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Pokémon TV Anime Will Get Special on 1st April for the 25th Anniversary » Anime India

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)

The TV anime “Pokemon” series, celebrates its 25th anniversary on April 1, 1997, from the first broadcast date on April 1, 1997. 

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Brothers Citron and Eureka were the main characters that appeared in the TV anime “Pokemon XY” and “Pokemon XY & Z”, and they traveled together with the main character, Satoshi, in the Kalos region. 

In the first episode “Satoshi and Citron! Friendship Great Special Training !!“ In the 1-hour special, Satoshi, who is participating in the Pokemon World Championships, will give special training on Citron and Pokemon Battle at Marie City. 

In the second episode “Hyper Class! VS Four Tenno Dracaena !!”, Satoshi will challenge Karos Four Tenno Dracaena, who is 12th in the Hyper Class, with Negiganite and Wonoragon.

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Continuing from the past series, playing Citron and Eureka respectively Yuki Kaji With Mariya Ise Comments arrived from Kaji was delighted to re-appear, saying, “I was really happy that the dream came true! 

Moreover, my brothers and sisters were all together!” I went dubbing hoping that I could show myself, “he recalled. 

Ise said, “If you are watching” Anipoke “for the first time from this time, I would be happy if you like Eureka, who is innocent and loves to take care of Pokemon, and by all means watch the TV anime” Pokemon XY “series. I hope you can do it.”

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