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New State Mobile update is now available with a new weapon, supercar

Krafton has introduced a mega update for New State. This new update brings a host of changes in weapons, car fleet, gameplay, maps, and much more. Krafton is also wrapping up Season 1 and kicking off Season 2 in this patch. Krafton is also collaborating with McLaren Automotive to bring a new event to users. The new McLaren 765LT event will go on till April. Also Read – PUBG New State to be down for maintenance: Check date, timings

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The New State Mobile update will introduce a new MG3 gun. This new LMG uses 7.62mm ammo and has a magazine capacity of 75 rounds. This gun will spawn in Care Packages in all Maps. It also has a chance of appearing in the Weapons Box, which is located in the Police Station in Chester, Troi.

New State Mobile, Weapon, LMG

A popular choice of weapon, the Vector is getting support for Drum Magazine. Now, Vector attaches a high-capacity magazine capable of holding 45 rounds to the gun. However, this customization will significantly decrease reload speed.

The Mini-14 will get a new Stock Slot, allowing for tactical stock attachments that strengthen stability and recoil control.

Survivor Pass Vol. 5

New State Mobile Season, Season Update

This Survivor Pass introduces Cynthia Song of Project Justice. Players can get her costumes and character appearance by completing all the Story Missions.

New Lobby Theme

Krafton has timed the lobby to match the season. With spring being here, the Lobby theme has been changed to feature a more flowery background.


Erangel now has three new areas to make overall improvements to the southwest region of Erangel’s northern island. Avanpost, a new area, has also been added to Erangel. Krafton announced that the Ferry Pier has been updated with containers and warehouses. This will increase the number of items that spawn in this area. A factory has been added to the middle of the Quarry. This will increase the number of items that spawn in this area and add new elements to the fight.

Vehicle Balance Updates

Krafton has announced that the overall spawn rates of vehicles have been slightly increased. The electric car Electron and Waverider, a gasoline-fueled boat will now also spawn in Erangel. However, motorbikes with sidecars and the Aquarail will no longer spawn.

McLaren Event

The new event starts on March 17 and will go on till April 14. The limited period McLAREN 765LT crate will contain various custom-edition in-game items, including the 765LT car skin in 5 color variations. The new car will be the most powerful LT ever available in both Troi and Erangel.

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