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10 Things Only DC Comics Fans Know About Jim Gordon

In The Batman, the Gotham City Police Department’s Lieutenant James “Jim” Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) is shown to have a very good working relationship with the Caped Crusader, perhaps better than any other version of the character that has ever appeared on the screen. Thanks to their combined efforts, dealing with Riddler becomes easier.

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Movie fans know a thing or two about the character since he has appeared in every live-action Batman project. However, there are a couple of Gordon tales that are yet to be told on either the big or small screen, Anf given how dark some of them are, these tales might remain on the pages for the time being.

Jim Gordon Is The First Ever Supporting Character In Batman Comics

Jim Gordon chats with Bruce Wayne in Detective Comics #27

Over the years, Jim Gordon has maintained his status as one of Batman’s best sidekicks. Moreover, he and the Caped Crusader come a long way. He makes his debut in Detective Comics #27, which also marks Batman’s first appearance. He soon starts working with the vigilante, making him the first-ever DC character to do so.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman can therefore be considered comic accurate since, in it, Batman is also shown working closely with Jim Gordon before he even forms any strong relationship with Catwoman. Furthermore, Gordon has always been the most proactive policeman in Gotham hence it was always going to be him that warms up to the new crime-fighting vigilante in town.

Jim Gordon’s Role In The Rise Of Wrath

Wrath kills police officers in Batman Special #1

In Batman Special #1 Gordon kills 2 robbers in self-defense. This causes the son of one of them to hate police officers and when he grows up, he becomes the cop killer known as Wrath. The villain’s costume resembles that of Batman, though it’s red and purple in color.

This is somewhat of a reverse tale of the rise of Batman. Whereas Bruce Wayne chooses to become Batman because he witnesses his parents get murdered by a thug,  Wrath takes out his revenge on police officers. But while wrath likes to think of himself as Batman’s equal, they are nothing alike because Batman doesn’t kill.

Jim Gordon Became Batman

Jim Gordon takes up the Batman mantle in Divergence #1

After Bruce Wayne becomes incapacitated during a fight with the Joker, Gordon suits up and becomes the new Batman in Divergence #1. His suit is shown to be more of a mechanical one like the one used by Iron-Man.

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Gordon’s stint as the Caped Crusader is an interesting one as it leads to yet another Batman Vs. Superman clash. Clark doesn’t accept him as the new Batman and so the feud begins. Overall, Gordon’s time as a superhero isn’t a fruitful one. The many failures he endures make him realize that he is better off as a police officer.

Jim Gordon’s Extramarital Affair

Jim Gordon argues with his lover Sarah Essen in Batman - Year One

Gordon is often portrayed as a man who would do no wrong but that hasn’t always been the case. For example, he cheats on his wife with fellow detective Sarah Essen in Batman: Year One. The villainous Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb then uses the information to blackmail him.

Though Gordon and Sarah’s affair is morally wrong, the subplot comes off as refreshing because most Batman-related characters rarely get to have any romance storylines. In most issues, only Batman and Joker have had fleshed-out relationships. Some good also comes out of the affair with Sarah because Gordon eventually marries her after divorcing his wife.

Jim Gordon Didn’t Start Out In Gotham

Batman year one Gordon shooting at batman comic art

Gordon is very passionate about all-things-Gotham but he didn’t start his career in the city. He spent 15 years as an officer in Chicago before being transferred to Gotham. This detail is revealed in Gordon Of Gotham.

Gordon presumably likes Gotham more because there is a lot more work to do. The city is much more infested with criminal elements and since Gordon dreams of a peaceful world, he spends his days trying to clean up Gotham. Part of his integrity and toughness also have to do with the fact that he is an army veteran. Interestingly, the reason he gets transferred to Gotham is that he exposes a rigging scheme in the council elections.

Jim Gordon Served With Bruce Wayne In World War II

JIm Gordon defends himself against the Joker in Gotham Noir

In the alternate events of Batman: Gotham Noir, Gordon serves as a detective in 1949. He is reported to have served with Batman during the war and is also Selina Kyle’s former lover.

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Ordinarily, Gordon is always a supporting character but here, he gets to be the star, with Batman only making rare appearances. Serious themes such as alcoholism are also explored, with Gordon’s career being at risk because of his dependence on liquor. Additionally, Gordon is sucked into his most challenging task yet: trying to clear his name after he gets framed for murder.

Jim Gordon Teamed Up With Two-Face

Jim Gordon asks Two-Face to work with him in No Man's Land

After an earthquake hits Gotham in No Man’s Land, Batman disappears. A new crime wave starts so a desperate Gordon decides to team up with Two-Face t control the situation. However, Two-Face betrays him and puts him on trial.

Gordon has always had a soft spot of Harvey Dent, something The Dark Knight highlighted so well. Even after Dent becomes Two-Face, Gordon still believes there is some good in him. Given how effectively Dent dealt with criminals during his time as the DA, Gordon figures he is the best person to help him during this time of crisis. Sadly, Dent is beyond redemption at this point. However, the two have gone on to reconcile from time to time in the comics, a trend that qualifies them for inclusion among DC heroes and villains that are friends.

Jim Gordon Was Killed By Martha Wayne

Martha Wayne kills Jim Gordon in Flashpoint: Batman - Knight of Vengeance #2

In the alternate Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance #2 timeline, Martha Wayne is the Joker and Thomas Wayne is Batman. When Gordon tries to kill Martha, she captures him and slashes his throat.

The Flashpoint timeline has some of the most ambitious pieces of storytelling and this is but a good example. Fans have always known Martha as Bruce’s mother who was killed by a thug but here, she gets to do so much more. She is not only treacherous but also ruthless, qualifying her as one of the best ever versions of the Joker.

Jim Gordon’s Other Son

Jim Gordon and drives his son Tony Gordon in DC comics

In most Batman continuities, Gordon’s children are Barbara Gordon and James Gordon Jr. However, Gordon has a son named Anthony “Tony” Gordon in Batman Family #12, He later dies and is never mentioned again in the post-Crisis events.

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It’s kinda a shame that Tony was tossed to the side since espionage themes had been incorporated into the character. He has storylines where he fled from communists and interacted with the Sino-Superman. Since Alfred also has a spy background, pairing up the two would probably have led to great tales.

Jim Gordon Became A Zombie

Zombie Gordon attempts to scare Batman in Lord Havok and the Extremists #3

In Lord Havok and the Extremists #3, Gordon becomes a zombie and serves in Monarch’s Army. Luckily, Batman manages to capture him and put him in chains.

Seeing a version of Gordon that lacks a mind is bizarre but the Batman comics have never shied away from incorporating strange storylines. In the end, it’s always the Gotham hero that benefits. The weirder the villains, the tougher Batman looks. Regrettably, this version of Gordon never gets redeemed.

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