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9 Quotes That Prove Michael Langdon Is The Best Villain

The action in American Horror Story: Apocalypse is driven by the season’s main villain: the antichrist himself. Michael Langdon’s villainy really packs a punch, especially since his character fulfills his destiny to bring about Armageddon.

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Beyond simply being the son of Satan, Michael Langdon’s complexity makes him a great villain. All of the features that make Mr. Langdon so evil and dynamic are encapsulated with various quotes that he says throughout the season. Through his various comments, Michael Langdon demonstrates his personality and how truly terrifying he can be.

Bringing Out The Bad

“All People, If Given The Right Pressures Or Stimulus, Are Evil Motherf**kers.”

Michael Langdon says this to a robotic Ms. Meade after she and Ms. Venable kill every resident of the sanctuary with poisoned apples, per Langdon’s plan.

This take on humanity’s evil sums up Michael Langdon’s villainy very well, as his character is entirely oriented towards seeking out the bad in people and capitalizing on it. He is, after all, the antichrist, and it is in his best interest to believe that human beings are inherently evil.

Valid Question

 “How Can Anyone Defeat Me When I’ve Already Won?”

When the witches arrive at the outpost and start an argument with Dinah Stevens, Madison quips that Dinah will never “defeat anyone with that backwards voodoo s**t.” Michael Langdon makes his entrance on this line.

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This question is partially rhetorical when Michael confidently asks it. However, the audience shares this question. At this point, the apocalypse has happened, and he is already responsible for the deaths of billions. This is part of what makes the villain so scary. His initial plans are never thwarted. He completes his mission to end the world, and it is up to the witches to undo it.

May I

“Grandma, Can I Have A Glass Of Water?”

Young Michael Langdon in AHS Season 1

After Michael Langdon ages a decade overnight, his evilness takes over and brutally chokes a frazzled Constance Langdon. When he comes to his senses, he sweetly asks her for a glass of water.

The way that Michael Langdon can snap from choking the woman who raises him to sweetly asking her for a glass of water makes him a terrifying villain. To add even more depth to the scene, all that Constance does is correct his grammar to “May I have a glass of water?” Michael quickly fixes this. Despite knowing that he is bound to snap without warning, the audience wants to trust him while he is growing up.

Like Father, Like Son

“I Just Want To Be Like You, Dad.”

When Michael starts playing around with the rubber suit, Tate is less-than-pleased. He yells some choice words at Michael about staying away from his stuff, and much to his dismay, this is Michael’s response.

Michael’s child-like desperation to be like the most evil Langdon is definitely off-putting for viewers who know how dark Tate’s character is. However, Tate’s immediate rejection of Michael makes the antichrist even more terrifying for the audience. If even a detestable serial killer says, “Not even I could create something as monstrous, as evil, as you,” then Michael must be seriously evil.


“I’m Scared.”

Michael Langdon lies on the ground in American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Mallory reverses the events of the apocalypse by running a young Michael Langdon over with a car. The antichrist says this while dying in Constance Langdon’s arms, immediately before delivering his last line in Apocalypse.

Young Michael is genuinely scared when he dies, and this quote sparks a note of sympathy for the devil in viewers, despite knowing what he goes on to do. His vulnerability adds complexity to the villain. As a child, Michael does not necessarily want to be evil, but fate takes over and corrupts him into pure wickedness.

Scorching Remarks

“I Wouldn’t F**k You If You Were The Last Man On Earth, And You Almost Are.”

ahs apocalypse mr gallant rubber man

When Mr. Gallant brings up the kinky night that he believes he and Mr. Langdon to have had, Michael responds with this burn.

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Cody Fern’s cunning and sinful delivery of this line easily elicits a half-gasp-half-laugh from the audience. The quote reveals that Michael Langdon is not only sly and fiendish in his actions, but that his words are snake-like to match. Plus, it sprinkles some wit into his personality, making him an even more dynamic villain.

How To Be The Antichrist

“Nobody Gave Me A F**king Instruction Manual.”

Cody Fern as Michael Langdon in AHS Season 8

At a potluck that the Satanists are hosting, Michael says this in response to the questions that he receives about what comes next.

Part of what makes Michael Langdon such an appealing villain is the fact that he begins his journey to power as incredibly confused young man who needs a ton of help along the way. This quote sums up that confusion, and from this point on, it is satisfying to see Michael’s character grow into the most terrifying villain in the season.

Launching The Apocalypse

“The Time Has Come To Wipe The Slate Clean. Friends, It’s Time For The Apocalypse.”

Michael says this while standing at the head of the Illuminati. This is where he takes the first step to carrying out his plan for the apocalypse.

It is no small feat to approach the Illuminati and demand their help in initiating the end of time. As a matter of fact, only the devil himself could have both the power and the courage to follow through with this plan. Michael Langdon is made of pure dark intent, and his maliciousness would not even allow a friendship to work between him and AHS’s former most malicious villain, James March.

Not Like The Other Villains

“Normally, That’d Work. But I’m Nothing Like Normal.”

Langdon looks forward in American Horror Story

When Coco stabs Michael at the outpost, he does not die. Rather, he responds with this line, rips her heart out of her chest, and takes a bite.

This line and the gore that follows hit the nail on the head. As the literal son of Satan who ages ten years overnight, has countless superhuman abilities, and can regenerate after dying, Michael Langdon is certainly nothing like normal. Eating a human heart is the perfect way to punctuate this quote.

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