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Where To Find The Blue Gem in Tunic

Tunic has a red, green, and blue gem to collect and deliver to the Sealed Temple, and the blue one in the Hidden Vault is the hardest to obtain.

There are three colored gems in Tunic, including the blue one, which can be found in the Hidden Vault. In order to reach this area, players will need to have the right gear and weapons to make it through the Quarry. It’s recommended that players track down the blue gem after retrieving the green and red ones as there are useful upgrade items to find while searching for the other two. Like the other gems, the blue gem is needed to complete the adventure in Tunic.

The blue gem is the most difficult of the three to obtain because players will need to make their way through the Quarry. There are a number of strong enemies to fight along the way, as well as pink crystals that will drain the fox’s health. The crystals will also deplete the fox’s overall maximum health so that they’re down to only one hit with no option to recover except for saving and resetting every enemy. To negate the effects of the crystals scattered around the Quarry, players will need to find and equip the Scavenger’s Mask.

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There are two ways to enter the Quarry in Tunic. The first entrance is found in the overworld by taking the stairs below the belltower on the left side of the map. After going around the back, players will find a bridge with a tall knight in a green cape standing guard. The enemy can be defeated with a few well-aimed firecrackers or with properly timed melee attacks. The second entrance to the Quarry can be accessed by heading down the stairs on the right side of the mountain door. This path will get players closer to the first area they need to visit in the Quarry.

Retrieving Tunic’s Scavenger Mask Ability Card

Tunic How to Survive the Quarry Scavenger Mask

The crystals that deplete the fox’s health can be negated by equipping the Scavenger Mask hidden ability card, but players will need to find it in the Quarry first. Using the entrance from the mountains, players can go up the path and then to the right to drop the bridge. The path forward is linear and should be easy to follow, but there are a decent amount of snipers, bombers, and sword-wielding enemies along the way. The snipers and bombers can be pulled with the grapple ability and killed using the sword or shot with the magic staff.

After reaching the area above where the fox entered the Quarry, there will be a set of stairs leading to the monastery. Before going up, players should activate the switch at the back of the platform to reveal a stone ladder that leads back up in case the fox dies. At the top of the stairs, there are a few snipers and sword enemies to fight as well as a large crystal to avoid. Once the enemies are cleared, players will find the monastery entrance at the other end of the platform behind an inaccessible save point.

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It’s easier to clear the monastery of enemies if players take the elevated path to the right first. There are only a few opponents, so it should be relatively easy to clear them. However, there are a lot of spots where the fox’s health will be drained, so players should proceed with some caution. At the other end of the monastery, there’s a hero’s grave statue and a chest. Inside the chest, players will find the Scavenger Mask ability card. This card can be equipped from the inventory and it will counteract the health-draining crystals. The fox’s health will still drain slowly if players stand right up against a crystal, but the Scavenger Mask eliminates most of the dangers the crystals present, especially for those with upgraded health in Tunic.

Finding The Hidden Vault In Tunic

Where To Find The Blue Gem in Tunic Hidden Vault

After obtaining the Scavenger Mask, players should return to the save point across the bridge at the start of the Quarry area to regain any health that was drained. Next, players can head down the path next to the stone ladder they activated earlier. This path leads deeper into the Quarry and there are a lot of enemies and crystals to deal with. The easiest way to navigate the lower parts of the Quarry is to follow the railroad tracks until the pink strip on the ground is visible, then keep going to get to Inside the Ziggurat.

From the beginning of Tunic‘s Inside the Ziggurat area, players can head down the ramps and then run to the right side of the screen to save before moving on. Most of the walkways lead to dead ends, so the path forward should be easy to identify. Once players reach a pillar on a square platform, they can pray to activate it. The pillar comes to life and needs to be defeated to move on. There are two stages to the fight. In the first stage, the pillar walks on four legs and uses a mix of melee and magic attacks. After enough damage is dealt, some pieces will fall off revealing a dual sword-wielding enemy. The second stage is easier if players have Tunic‘s magic staff and enough magic points left to defeat the enemy with ranged attacks.

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Once the pillar enemy is defeated, players can make their way down the tower by using the ladders and following the path around to the next one until reaching an entrance leading inside. There are a few more ladders to go down that lead to a platform. As soon as the fox stands on the square platform, it will descend into an area with another save point. There are some turrets to destroy and a lot of pink, glowing enemies in this area that will have the same effect as the health-draining crystals if they land a hit. They will also break into smaller enemies when the fox hits them. Players should dodge often and keep an eye on their stamina while progressing.

At the end of this section, there’s a platform with two of the pillar enemies and an actual pillar that needs to be prayed to. It’s easier to focus on one enemy at a time so there aren’t two of the sword fighters on the platform at once. After defeating them, the pillar can be activated by praying, then players can go down the stairs and ladder to reach the Hidden Vault. There’s a save point just before the boss battle, and the pillar behind it will activate it. This pillar also opens up a path to the fast travel platform that’s located behind the stairs in the central hub for the warp points in Tunic.

Defeating Tunic’s Boss Scavenger

Where To Find The Blue Gem in Tunic Scavenger Boss

The Boss Scavenger can be tough to beat, but the best way to defeat this boss quickly is to use ranged attacks. Bombs, firecrackers, and ranged magic attacks like the shotgun or magic staff will help players deal a decent amount of damage without having to get too close to the Boss Scavenger. Throughout the battle, the Boss Scavenger will use melee attacks with a long reach, so players should be constantly dodging. Once the Boss Scavenger is down, players can claim the blue gem at the end of the arena platform. After obtaining this gem, players can deliver it to the Sealed Temple and move on to the next objective in Tunic.

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Tunic is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, macOS, and PC.

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