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Call of Duty Season 3 Radical Raid to start in April 2022: Know details

Activision is all set to release Call of Duty Mobile’s new season next week. Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 will hit Android and iOS platforms from April 1 at 5:30 AM IST. Also Read – Microsoft, EA, Epic Games, Activision Blizzard stand with Ukraine; sales and services suspended in Russia

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: What’s new?

The new season Radical Raid will have some radical changes to the gameplay and include new themed events, a new map, and new weapon. Like Vanguard and Warzone, CoD Mobile will witness the iconic rapper Snoop Dogg’s entry in the new season. Also Read – Call of Duty Warzone God Mode ricochet cheaters bullets off players

“Two very special Operators are joining the fight, bringing their favorite weaponry with them…The ultimate closer, Snoop Dogg, makes a special appearance in Season 3, complete with his own Operator Skin and Weapon Blueprint. Dressed to the nines and ready to compete, he wields his trusted SMG RUS-79U — Equalizer, featuring a titanium and carbon frame with diamond inlays and its own Death Effect that transforms players under a magnificent beam of light. Next, we have Scylla — Light Runner, a Brazilian soldier straight out of an ’80s arcade who’s been around weapons her whole life. After saving the Brazilian president, she was awarded a Mythic AK-47, an experimental weapon made of synthetic diamond that converts physical ammunition into photonic energy. Get both later in April,” Activision mentioned in the official blog post. Also Read – Activision announces new Call of Duty game, new Warzone experience for 2022

Here’s a trailer of the new season-

As for the other add-ons, reports suggest that the new season will bring a new Miami: Strike map, a smaller iteration of the original one, new operator skill, a weapon trial feature, a new command panel, practice range updates, among others. As usual, the new season will have Battle Pass and players could stand a chance to earn 50 new tiers and rewards and try both premium and free content. Meanwhile, World Championship 2022 Stage 1 and Ranked Series 1 are set to commence on March 31.

As per Activision, “​​Players will compete during the day among a dizzying array of collector cars that line the street. Tighter quarters provide for some intense firefights in buildings, on the street, and throughout the back alleys.”

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