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Elden Ring: You Shouldn’t Sell D’s Armor

D, Hunter of the Dead has one of the most unique-looking armor sets in Elden Ring, and it has a hidden use that makes it worth holding onto.

Elden Ring‘s Lands Between is full of complex characters with their own quests and motives, and D, Hunter of the Dead, is one of the familiar faces players will get to know during their visits to Roundtable Hold. D’s armor, known as the Twinned Armor set, is a great set that can be obtained relatively early on in the game, but players who have better sets for their character may be tempted to sell it for some extra Runes. However, D’s armor is intertwined with his story, and getting rid of the set can alter how the end of one of Elden Ring’s longest quests plays out.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Elden Ring.]

Elden Ring players can obtain D’s armor early on by progressing through Fia’s quest. As a Deathbed Companion, Fia is the guardian of Those Who Live in Death, which D is on a mission to eradicate. Unfortunately, it seems their differences turn deadly, and after returning the Weathered Dagger to D during the quest, players will find Fia kneeling beside D’s dead body the next time they visit Roundtable Hold. After the Tarnished picks up the Twinned Set and D’s Bell Bearing from his corpse, Fia will disappear with a solemn message for the Roundtable, not to be seen again until players find her later in the Deeproot Depths.

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However, D’s story doesn’t end with his death, and Elden Ring players will learn that D has a younger brother from a letter written by Rogier. According to the letter, D’s brother, Devin, has fallen into a deep sleep in an aqueduct of Nokron, Eternal City after an encounter with the Prince of Death. When players first encounter Devin there, he’ll be crying and seemingly inconsolable. If players have the full, unaltered Twinned Set in their inventory, they’ll have the option to return the armor of his fallen brother to him.

Why You Should Give D’s Brother The Twinned Set In Elden Ring

D's brother, Devin, in Elden Ring.

D’s brother won’t react much after players return the Twinned Armor set in Elden Ring to him, though they’ll be rewarded with the Inner Order gesture. However, once players complete Fia’s quest, they’ll find Devin standing over Fia’s lifeless body, holding D’s bloodied sword up triumphantly. Here, players have the choice to either avenge Fia and challenge Devin to a fight or allow him to continue his monologue and leave him be. Either way, they’ll be able to pick up Fia’s armor set as well as D’s Twinned Set and Inseparable Sword.

While players can get both of these cool Elden Ring armor sets no matter how Fia’s quest plays out, the Inseparable Sword can only be obtained if they return D’s armor to Devin. Not only is D’s Inseparable Sword a solemn reminder of the Hunter of the Dead, but it’s also one of the best Holy Greatswords available in the game. D’s armor may not be the best set for every build, but it’s worth holding onto for the long haul so players can see the brothers’ story through to the end – and claim one of Elden Ring’s more sentimental weapons.

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