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Ghostwire: Tokyo – How To Find More Jizo Statues (The Fast Way)

There are 52 Jizo Statues to find scattered throughout Ghostwire: Tokyo, and they each increase Akito’s Wind, Fire, or Water ethereal weave capacity.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, finding more Jizo Statues fast is crucial to upgrading Akito’s ethereal weave abilities as quickly as possible. Whenever players cross paths with a Jizo Statue, they’ll be able to quickly pray at the figure to receive a blessing that permanently increases one of the three ethereal weave’s total capacity. There are red, green, and blue Jizo Statues to represent the three elemental abilities of Akito, and they each increase the ethereal weave that corresponds with the color.

No matter which skills or abilities are unlocked in Ghostwire: Tokyo, no upgrade provides the same benefit as the Jizo Statues. Additionally, even though the statues are scattered across Tokyo, there are certain areas outlined by the Shrines that won’t have any for Akito to find. Since there are 30 Wind, 15 Water, and seven Fire Jizo Statues to find, it’s just as important for players to know where to locate them as it is to know how to locate them quickly.

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First and foremost, to even determine whether or not Jizo Statues are in the area players will need to cleanse the appropriate Shrine. Once the Shrine is cleansed, it will indicate what can be found in its dedicated area, including the number of items that need or remain to be found. So, if a Jizo Statue isn’t listed on the Shrine’s icon on the Ghostwire: Tokyo open-world map, it’s time to move on to the next area. If there are Jizo Shrines in the area, there are additional steps that players can take to find them more quickly as well.

Locate Jizo Statues With Skills & Offering Boxes In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Locate Jizo Statues With Skills & Offering Boxes In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Once a Shrine has been cleansed, search around the immediate vicinity of the Shrine to look for a white Offering Box. The boxes are cost Meika to use, but they’ll reveal the exact locations of the Jizo Statues in that Shrine’s area. Players can also use the Spectral Vision ability to locate the Offering Boxes more easily since they’ll be outlined like every other interactable thing in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Unfortunately, the boxes aren’t available at every Shrine that has Jizo Statues.

If players can’t find an Offering Box, the next best thing is to use Spectral Vision across the Shrine’s total area. By leveling up fast in Ghostwire: Tokyo, players can upgrade the Spectral Vision ability to reach up to a 50m radius around Akito. Jizo Statues have a couple of different appearances in the game, but they’re easiest to spot with KK’s ability because they stand rigidly from the ground up and often have a rounded top or they’re placed in a wooden shrine. Lastly, a great indicator that a Jizo Statue may be in the area is if several Visitors are in the immediate vicinity of Akito’s vision as well.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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