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Ghostwire: Tokyo – How To Unlock The Officer Outfit

The Officer Outfit is one of the many complete sets that Akito can wear in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and it’s a reward from easy-to-complete side quest.

Ghostwire: Tokyo features a myriad of cosmetics for players to unlock like the Officer Outfit, the same clothes worn by the city’s police, and the Shadow Hunters. The Officer Outfit is purely cosmetic and provides no benefits or hindrances to Akito and his many Skills, and can be applied without affecting his overall health points. This outfit is tied to a special side quest that, while short, is sentimental to KK in regards to his time as a police officer in Tokyo before the game’s story began.

Similar to the Fallout 4 Vault Suit in Ghostwire: Tokyo, the Officer Outfit must be worn as a complete set. Akito does have plenty of clothing types that can be mixed and matched, but complete outfits are all or nothing cosmetic items. The Officer Outfit is actually something that players can get relatively early in the game during Chapter 2, and it’s perfect for earning some additional useful rewards as well. After the side quest is completed, players will also earn 3,000 Meika and approximately 500 Spirits.

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The Officer Outfit is a reward for completing the Little Girl Lost side quest, and it’s a relatively quick and easy side quest to finish off. For players looking to level up fast in Ghostwire: Tokyo, the Spirits awarded here are perfect since 500 Spirits go a long way towards earning more XP early on. The Little Girl Lost quest is about reuniting a frightened Spirit of a little girl who died alongside her mom when the white mist overran Tokyo, and her fear has prevented her from moving on in the afterlife. Coincidentally, the mother’s spirit is also unable to move on, but unlike her daughter, the mother’s spirit has been trapped by a Visitor.

How To Complete ‘Little Girl Lost’ In Ghostwire: Tokyo

How To Complete 'Little Girl Lost' In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Follow these steps to complete Little Girl Lost in Ghostwire: Tokyo to unlock the Officer Outfit:

  • Step 1: Cleanse the Morite Shrine
  • Step 2: Speak with the little girl. Her quest icon will be on the map now that the Shrine is cleansed
  • Step 3: Travel northwest from the girl’s location to find the mother
  • Step 4: Use any of Akito’s skills or abilities in Ghostwire: Tokyo to take out the Visitor
  • Step 5: Using KK’s Spectral Vision, find the weak spot in the corruption and destroy it
  • Step 6: Speak with the mother, and the little girl’s spirit will immediately appear alongside her.

Once the mother and daughter have been reunited, the Officer Outfit will automatically be part of Akito’s inventory. Additionally, the 3,000 Meika will automatically be collected as well, but Akito will need to absorb the roughly 500 Spirits where the mother and daughter were formerly located at the end of the side quest.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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