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Wordle 282: March 28, 2022 Hints & Answer

Guessing March 28th’s Wordle answer may have thrown some people off. However, with the right hints, they might be able to guess it in six tries.

Wordle seems to be stepping up the difficulty with each day’s answer, making hints more crucial than ever. While the past two Wordle answers were difficult to guess, March 28th’s answer gave players a much-needed break. However, if players cannot guess today’s Wordle answer but still want to maintain their streaks, some hints might point them in the right direction. Wordle has amped up the difficulty by slipping in complex words. However, today’s solution is slightly easier to guess. 

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Today’s Wordle answer can be solved by using the usual strategies to solve the answer in less than six tries. However, sometimes players can be caught off-guard by words that use double letters as the game does not give specific hints. However, it could be easier for players to solve today’s Wordle puzzle using some common starter words. If players are still struggling to guess the answer, the below hints might point in the right direction.

Today’s Wordle Hints (March 28th #282)

Wordle March 20th 274 Attempt

Before giving away the answer for March 28th’s Wordle, some players like to get hints akin to clues found in crossword puzzles. While these hints do not give away the answer completely, they will give a fair idea of today’s Wordle solution.

  • Hint 1: To create or set up a company 
  • Hint 2: To locate something that was lost 
  • Hint 3: having been discovered by chance or unexpectedly
  • Hint 4: A synonym of the word ‘Discover.’

Today’s Wordle Answer (March 28th #282)

Today’s Wordle answer is FOUND.

FOUND is often used to describe when something is brought into existence. The word is also used by explorers who make discoveries of lost ships, treasures, and archaeological findings. The word has been borrowed from Middle French from the word “fondre,” which means “to melt, cast.” The word FOUND can also be used to describe when laying the lowest part of (a structure) on a firm base or ground; for example, “a building was founded on solid ground.”

When trying to guess today’s Wordle answer, we first used the word “ROAST,” which revealed only one letter being used in the right spot. The next word we used was “GOURD,” which showed two more letters being used in the right spot. In our third attempt, we used the word “MOUND,” revealing almost every letter being used in the right spot except for one. When the four letters were revealed, today’s Wordle answer FOUND became relatively easy to guess.

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