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Fortnite Launches No-Build Battle Royale Named Zero Build

Developer Epic Games has introduced Zero Build to Fortnite, a No-Build battle royale option that will force players to rely solely on combat skills.

Epic Games just launched Fortnite Zero Build, a No-Build battle royale gameplay option that should force players to operate based on combat skill alone. Such a content release comes only days after datamined information pointed to Fortnite potentially receiving a permanent No-Build mode. Notably, the battle royale experience already plays host to a no-building mode, following the recent release of Chapter 3’s second season.

The limited-time mode in question went live with the Season 2 update a little over a week ago, an update that also introduced a Doctor Strange-starring Battle Pass. Of course, the new gameplay option stripped Fortnite of its most unique quality, culminating in Epic developers adding an extra shield, Overshield, as a way to compensate for the removal of building capabilities. Chapter 3 Season 2 debuted a whole host of other interesting mechanics as well, namely climbing, parkour, and Shoulder Bash. However, the latest addition to the battle royale experience is what will have players flocking back to the Island in droves.

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Today, March 29, Epic Games unleashed Fortnite Zero Build, an all-new No-Build battle royale option that strips the title of its building mechanics. Given the absence of building options, Zero Build should test a player’s “weapon, item, and traversal ability,” the developer noted in a blog post. Those interested in trying the mode can access it through the Discover page as a Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads playlist. Without Fortnite’s trademark mechanic at their fingertips, users must rely on Overshield since its recharging properties now serve as the first line of defense against incoming enemy attacks. See what Zero Build has on offer in the gameplay trailer below:



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Fortnite Zero Build is playable across all platforms.

Source: Fortnite/Twitter, Epic Games

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