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How to Reveal Hidden Missions in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land will have certain missions with their bios hidden. To reveal them, players will need to clear a task on that list.

Each stage in Kirby and the Forbidden Land gives players a list of missions to complete. While a handful of them are immediately revealed, a few will need to be unlocked. As Kirby takes his first steps in his new 3D adventure, players will be pushed to look around every hidden corner for items. For example, the Waddle Dees have been captured and locked up in cages, and it’s up to Kirby to free them and return home. While Waddle Dees are the main collectible for the game, each stage has some extra content. These range from alternate collectibles to doing something specific within that stage.

Collecting Waddle Dees will continue to expand the new Waddle Dee Town. This acts as the location in between stages where Kirby can play mini-games and do some shopping. It’s even possible to upgrade weapons by finding the correct blueprint in the weapon shop. Players looking to 100% the game will need to collect every Waddle Dee and clear every mission within each stage. These typically go hand in hand with one another.

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In order to reveal the hidden quests, the player will need to find something within the stage that corresponds with that mission. For example, finding one of the five red flowers on the stage will reveal the mission of collecting all five red flowers. It’s recommended to clear the stage first as it will reveal all the quests for the state with a small bio. Occasionally, it will offer a tiny hint on where Kirby can find any Waddle Dee that might have missed during their initial playthrough. It’s valuable to take a look back at the stage even after clearing it.

Unlockables For Finding Waddle Dee in Kirby and the Forbidden Land

Rescued Waddle Dees in Kirby & The Forgotten Land's Everbay Coast.

As mentioned before, collecting Waddle Dee will expand Waddle Dee Town with new stuff to do. These are the unlock criteria for each building.

  • Open From The Beginning: Waddle Dee Cinema.
  • Clear The Brawl at the Mall: Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop and Gotcha Machine 1.
  • Rescued 50 Waddle Dees: Waddle Dee-liveries and Kirby’s House.
  • Rescued 60 Waddle Dees: Waddle Dee Cafe Cafe Mini-Game.
  • Clear The Tropical Terror: Gotcha Machine 2 and Wise Waddle Dee.
  • Clear Danger Under the Big Top: Colosseum: Meta Knight Cup.
  • Rescued 145 Waddle Dees: Item Shop.
  • Rescued 155 Waddle Dees: Flash Fishing Mini-Game.
  • Rescued 180 Waddle Dees: Tilt-and-Roll Kirby Mini-Game.
  • Clear Collector in the Sleepless Valley: Gotcha Machine 3.
  • After Credits: Gotcha Machine 4, Waddle Live Corner Stage, The Ultimate Cup, and Power Up Copy Abilities.

The mini-games offer ways for Kirby to earn extra Star Coins to use in the shop. Many of these mini-games can also be played with a friend for a competitive experience. While there are only a handful of worlds, there are hundreds of hidden secrets between the main story and post-game. Replaying Kirby and the Forgotten Land with co-op can give off an entirely different experience than playing alone. It can be helpful in re-clearing those stages and revealing those hidden mission titles.

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Kirby and the Forbidden Land is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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