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Meri Brown Shares Post With People She “Loves”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives posts photos of those she “loves,” but her husband, Kody Brown, was mysteriously missing from the images she shared.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives has offered some hints about her life in recent months, and she makes no exception with a recent social media post. Meri has been trying her best to live every day as happily as she can even amid family drama. Since her husband Kody has made it clear he is no longer interested in her romantically, Meri is trying to fill that void in her life.

Meri has been living a very self-sustainable lifestyle on her own since she moved with the rest of the Browns to Flagstaff. Even though she is technically Kody’s first wife, the patriarch often treats Meri as if she is an afterthought. In the most recent season, Kody made it clear he would not be having a romantic relationship with her anymore and could only hope for a friendship. Even after such harsh words, Meri revealed she plans on staying with Kody and the rest of the family. Viewers may at times feel sorry for Meri, but in reality, she has thrown a decent amount of shade back at her husband.

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The Sister Wives star posted a collection of photos to her Instagram recently, which stood out to her followers. Meri shared she spent a weekend on the Oregon coast “surrounded by people I love.” Noticeably missing from the images was Kody. Meri wrote she was surprised at how it helped her forget her issues and embrace the changes that are coming. Check out Meri’s post below:

Over the last few months, Meri has not spent a lot of time at home in Arizona. Instead, she has been taking road trips around the United States. She has been working with LuLaRoe and has also traveled to Hawaii and Florida for a few conventions. Meri shared only a few weeks ago that she was in the car again for yet another road trip. She also told her followers that she has been loving her solo drives, and it was “Time to think about life. Viewers are curious to see what the newest season of Sister Wives brings for Meri and Kody after a plethora of interesting clues have been dropped.

TLC has yet to confirm Sister Wives season 17, but some of the stars have revealed they have started to film. Christine Brown’s son, Paedon, shared that his mother had begun to film even though she has left Kody and moved back to Utah. Meri has stayed quiet on whether or not she will also be filming, but viewers can only assume when she is not road-tripping, she will be starring in the show like the rest of her family.

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