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14 Best Memes For Fans Of The Period Drama

Warning: This article has spoilers for Bridgerton season 2!

If there’s one show that people haven’t stopped talking about since 2020, it’s Bridgerton. The Shonda Rhimes series for Netflix is a bit of a departure from her usual fare, but it does have the same kind of romance and drama that fans love.

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The series takes all of the best tropes from the genre of Regency-era films and other period dramas and then turns them around by including a lot more campy moments, sexy scenes, and a much more diverse cast. Fans all over have been tweeting and sharing hilarious memes from the series’ two seasons, and these are some of the best.

Updated on March 30th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: After Netflix released Bridgerton’s newest season, fans are binging the entire series and doing everything they can to learn more about the actors and what’s to come in season 3. As is the case with most viral series, fans take their love for a show and put it on the Internet in the form of memes. From Twitter to Instagram, Bridgerton fans know how to make even some of the most serious of storylines into a joke. 

14 Step Aside Daphne And Simon, Kate And Anthony Are Here

Season 1 was all about the love story between Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset. They didn’t like each other at first but they soon grew on each other and their scheme to find Daphne an eligible suitor turned into true love between them.

In season 2, however, the love story transferred to Daphne’s brother Anthony. As the viscount who was pressured to get married for years, he was finally ready in this season. Whoever that season’s diamond was was who Anthony was going to choose as his bride. Little did he know, he’d fall in love with his intended’s sister instead. This meme shows that as good as the Duke’s memorable quotes were for Daphne, Anthony and Kate’s were better.

13 When You’re Unsure Of What To Say…

In season 2 of Bridgerton, Anthony asks for the jeweler’s help to find the right sizing of the engagement ring for Miss Edwina. While he was there, he made himself at home by asking to stay for tea and cake. He made the moment funnier when he asked for even more food, completely ignoring the tension between Kate and Anthony.

Later, when he was at the Featheringtons, he asked for even more cake when examining a necklace Portia had. His awkwardness around people and ignorance towards the situations that surrounded him made him the perfect meme.

12 “I Am A Gentleman!”

Fans couldn’t wait to see what Anthony had in store for season 2. After a strong first season of protecting his family and disconnecting from a former love, anything was possible for the viscount.

In season 2, Anthony’s lust for Kate was stronger than he realized. Every time he spoke closely to Kate he had to remind both of them that he was a gentleman and he wasn’t going to do anything untoward. As fans who binged the series know, Anthony and Kate did let their feelings for each other get the better of them but it paid off in the end.

11 Violet Has Her Work Cut Out For Her

Lady Violet Bridgerton had plenty of screentime in both seasons as the head of the Bridgerton family. With eight children to take care of, Violet had her hands full. In season 1, she did her best to find Daphne a husband while making sure that her other kids were looked after.

In season 2, Violet focused on Eloise finding a match but was more concerned about Anthony courting someone he didn’t love. With eight children to tend to, Violet did an amazing job as a mother. But as this meme points out, the Bridgerton clan doesn’t care about manners when it comes to relaxing on a comfy couch.

10 The Real Reason To Watch

Fans of Bridgerton watch for a variety of reasons: the characters introduced, the steamy storylines, and more importantly, the romances.

While season 1 of Bridgerton focused on the physical connection Daphne and Simon had for one another, Kate and Anthony’s romance was more subdued. Knowing they couldn’t be together, the two tried keeping their distance from one another but they couldn’t help themselves from closely talking or making small touches towards each other. For a lot of fans, this was one of the main reasons they watched.

9 This Nod To Simon’s Immaculate Wardrobe

This is a common sentiment being shared online using a popular meme format. Simon has one of the best wardrobes of any character in the series which is saying a lot considering how many elaborate outfits the main characters wear throughout.

People all over, and not just women, absolutely couldn’t get enough of these outfits and how good he looked in them.

8 2021 Got A Little Better…

A meme of Tiger King and Bridgerton

At the start of the pandemic, everyone became obsessed with Tiger King, and it was the show everyone was talking about and making memes of.

While it was truly a fascinating documentary, the end of 2020 and the start of 2021 brought us a much sexier obsession to tweet about. There’s no denying that Simon is much more lovable than Joe Exotic, and his relationship with Daphne Bridgerton was at a soulmate level.

7 Was Anthony Too Protective?

While some fans felt sympathy for Anthony and found him handsome, there’s no denying that he didn’t do a great job in his role as eldest brother. Instead of listening to what Daphne wanted in season 1, he turned nearly every suitor away except Nigel Berbrooke of all people.

He almost forced his sister to marry one of the worst men from the series all because he was shirking responsibility and off in his world. Despite Anthony’s questionable decision as a brother, season 2 was all about his own journey to find love.

6 Fans Can’t Get Enough Of The Music

While Simon might have been one the best part of Bridgerton’s first season, there were a few other elements that fans adored. The music was so compelling because it was all instrumental remixes of modern pop music by artists like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. Tring to identify the original song was a lot of fun for viewers.

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Luckily, the same can be said for the instrumental covers in season 2. After the series came out, the music started to get popular in Tik Tok videos ensuring that these songs would never leave our heads.

5 The Women On The Show Were Sadly Misinformed

A split image of Daphne and a meme from Bridgerton

The women of the series are held to ridiculous double standards in a very sexist society. While the men are allowed to sow their wild oats so to speak and sleep around, the women aren’t even supposed to know anything about sex or how babies are made until their wedding night.

This was shown many times as multiple grown women in season 1, including Daphne and Eloise. They both tried to desperately figure out what happens between a man and a woman in bed.

4 The Series Was So Bingeable

The first season of the series dropped at just the right time. People were still on their holiday break, so they were just looking for something new to watch to avoid those post-holiday blues.

While there were times when the series was a bit ridiculous or a little silly, fans didn’t care because it was just too good to watch. When season 2 dropped in March 2022, fans felt similarly. With only 8 episodes in each season, it’s easy to binge through the entire series, which is why it was immediately renewed for new seasons.

3 Simon And Daphne Were Really Into Each Other

While, at first, the series seems like a more typical period drama of the genre similar to Pride and Prejudice, but things start to take a more racy and scandalous turn in season 1. This is especially true in the sixth episode which is full of sex scenes between Simon and Daphne who clearly can’t get enough of one another.

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Fans were definitely into seeing all of this chemistry, and there were a lot of jokes and memes made about how these two newlyweds just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. At the same time, Daphne and Simon had plenty of sad moments in their relationship as they learned more about each other outside of the bedroom.

2 Inclusivity & Variety

While in the books, neither of these characters are queer, the show has already taken a much more modern approach and updated the series by including racially diverse casting.

This was a great choice, and many fans hope that season 3 will include more LGBTQ+ characters especially since this is common in Shonda Rhimes’ shows. Fans especially feel like these two Bridgerton siblings give off queer vibes, but as seen in season 2, both siblings fell for people of the opposite sex.

1 The Gossip Girl Parallels Are Strong

Most fans couldn’t help but notice that the series had strong similarities to Gossip Girl. Even though they are set in completely different periods in different parts of the world, Lady Whistledown was the old-fashioned, print version of Gossip Girl.

Her Society Papers were the same as when Dan Humphreys would post all the hottest gossip of the Upper East Side. In Bridgerton, it was revealed at the end of season 1 who the scandalous Lady Whistledown was. And in season 2, it looks like her gossiping got the best of her.

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