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WeCrashed True Story: Where Rebekah Neumann Is Now

WeCrashed stars Anne Hathaway as Rebekah Paltrow Neumann, the wife of ousted WeWork CEO Adam Neumann. Here’s where Rebekah is now & what she’s doing.

Warning: the following contains SPOILERS for WeCrashed.

WeCrashed tells the story of the stellar rise and decline of the company WeWork, but here’s what happened to Anne Hathaway’s Rebekah Paltrow Neumann in real life and where it is now. Along with Rebekah, the show is also centered on Jared Leto’s Adam Neumann. After Adam was infamously ousted as the CEO of WeWork in 2019 for dubious deals, he received $1.7 billion from stakeholder SoftBank, and the couple briefly relocated to Tel Aviv, Israel, reportedly in order to avoid any “negative energy” from the company’s collapse. However, in 2020, Adam and Rebekah resettled in an estate next door to Rebekah’s cousin Gwyneth Paltrow in New York, at the star-studded Hamptons village of Amagansett. Since then, Adam has regained his status as a billionaire entrepreneur. While Adam Neumann founded WeWork with Miguel McKelvey, who is played by Kyle Marvin in WeCrashed, the show is mainly focused on the controversial couple, which is why audiences are curious about Adam and Rebekah Neumann’s whereabouts.

Prior to WeWork’s collapse, Adam and Rebekah were collectively worth billions of dollars. After 2019, the couple has significantly downsized their holdings, selling four of the six homes that they owned in New York and California. This includes a six-bedroom townhouse in Gramercy Park, an upscale Manhattan neighborhood, which was sold for $14 million. In 2020, Rebekah reportedly bought back WeGrow, the school that she founded in one of WeWork’s New York branches. She planned to relaunch WeGrow as a new school called Student of Life for Life or SOLFL (pronounced “soulful“). Although Rebekah has mostly avoided speaking publicly, the SOLFL blog is fairly regularly updated. Unlike Jared Leto’s role as Adam Neumann, which has been criticized for being stereotypical and misinformed, Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of Rebekah has been mostly praised by critics.

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WeCrashed reveals even more details surrounding the controversial couple and WeWork’s 2019 collapse – but it doesn’t really answer the question of where Rebekah is now. Currently, Rebekah Paltrow Neumann is still in New York with Adam, likely developing SOLFL and possibly other education-related plans. In 2021, Adam started working on a new and secret venture, and in 2022, he reportedly purchased $17 million of ground-floor retail space in Florida, as well as two high-rise apartment buildings in Miami. Analysts say that Adam could be planning to relaunch WeLive, the co-living WeWork spinoff company that failed to take off. That said, Adam might also be purchasing real estate for Rebekah’s SOLFL project.


The couple hasn’t revealed much else to the public since 2019. However, out of all the real-life characters in WeCrashed, it is Adam and Rebekah who’ve shown the most signs of getting back in the startup game. Despite the controversial and highly publicized fall of WeWork – and a literal TV series exposing how Adam and Rebekah practically ran the company into the ground – the couple still seems to have a foothold in the real estate industry, and are still potentially looking at expanding via the education sector.

WeCrashed, at its core, is an expose about how New Age philosophy can be used to siphon billions of dollars out of a promising startup business that’s genuinely aimed at making people’s lives better. Moreover, although WeCrashed isn’t a documentary like Tiger King or The Keepers, the show also tackles how individuals can transform into cult leaders. Currently, WeWork is still valued at around $5 billion. This number is certainly a far cry from its previous highest valuation of $47 billion. That said, it’s a sign that WeWork has successfully rebounded. As Adam’s $1.7 billion check from SoftBank came with the condition that Adam sever most of his ties to WeWork, it’s unlikely that neither Adam nor Rebekah will once again cross paths with the company that they almost destroyed.

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WeCrashed streams new episodes on Apple TV+ every Friday.

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