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Tales Of The Walking Dead Bringing Back Samantha Morton’s Alpha

AMC’s Tales of the Walking Dead anthology spinoff show is bringing back Samantha Morton as deceased Whisperers leader Alpha.

Tales of the Walking Dead is bringing back Samantha Morton as Whisperers leader Alpha. AMC is finally bringing The Walking Dead to an end after the currently-unfolding season 11. But the Walking Dead universe is anything but deceased.

Indeed there are plans for TWD to carry on beyond the main show’s finale via multiple spinoff series. This summer sees the arrival of one of these series, Tales of The Walking Dead. Unlike prior entries in the TWD franchise, Tales will have an anthology-style format, allowing each episode to focus on different characters surviving the zombie apocalypse. There will of course be new characters introduced in these anthologized Walking Dead stories, but producer Scott M. Gimple also promised that familiar characters will be brought back for new stories.

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Thus far AMC has been secretive about which TWD characters might get another chance to shine on Tales of the Walking Dead. But now fans know at least one of the returns in store for them as the new anthology show kicks off. As reported by Variety, Whisperers leader Alpha is set to be resurrected, with Morton returning to reprise the role she originated in The Walking Dead seasons 9 and 10.

Alpha without her mask on on The Walking Dead.

The Whisperers were of course one of the most chilling enemy groups to be featured in the original Walking Dead comic book series. Fans of the comics naturally couldn’t wait to see the skin-mask-wearing maurauders finally arrive on the TV show, in large part thanks to the group’s mysterious bald female leader Alpha. Morton indeed proved a great pick to portray Alpha on the TV show when The Whisperers did finally make their debut. Alpha and her pack of Whisperers of course proved to be formidable adversaries, killing several major characters including Henry, Tara and Enid. The killing of Henry obviously struck Carol particularly hard given her connection to him. Which is why Carol ultimately launched a revenge plot against Alpha, enlisting Negan to infiltrate The Whisperers and get close enough to their leader to kill her. Carol then completed her plan by decapitating the dead Alpha and placing her reanimated head on a spike.

While it’s true that Alpha did a lot of damage during her time on The Walking Dead, some fans were disappointed with the way her story ultimately played out. Now the character gets a second chance on Tales of the Walking Dead, though it remains to be seen how exactly she will return. Some of Alpha’s backstory was of course filled in on The Walking Dead, including how she came to form The Whisperers along with her right-hand-man Beta. It could be that Tales of the Walking Dead will now give more detail about Alpha’s past. It could also be that the episode in which she appears will focus largely on other characters, with Morton’s Alpha somehow figuring into that story.

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Source: Variety


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