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Juliette Claims Jordana Was Waiting For Her & Sam To Split

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter claims that costar Jordana Barnes was waiting for her to split with ex-boyfriend Sam Logan since they got together.

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter claims that her costar Jordana Barnes has been waiting for her relationship with Sam Logan to end since they started dating. Season 4 B of the MTV reality show has been giving fans an inside look at how Juliette and Sam’s relationship fell apart. The once-happy couple broke up in August 2021, and fans are now understanding what went down between the two. Juliette was tired of Sam’s constant partying and wanted to move out of their home together so she could become more independent. The JMP The Label founder thought her swimsuit line and own well-being would suffer if she stayed in the house. Sam opposed the idea of Juliette leaving, and the disagreement ultimately led to their breakup.

Apparently, Jordana was not sad to see the pair break up. When the painter first joined the cast, Juliette was immediately suspicious of her intentions. Jordana and Sam had been friends for a while and had even hooked up in the past. Juliette go the vibe that Jordana still had feelings for Sam and could possibly come between the two of them and mess with their relationship. During season 4 A, Jordana even made a joke that she wanted to make out with Sam, which none of their friends found amusing. Jordana had seemingly moved on from Sam when she started hooking up with costar Brandon Gomes, but according to Juliette, Jordana and Sam are currently living together.

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According to Juliette, Jordana is not over Sam and actually couldn’t wait for the two to break up. The Siesta Key star took to Twitter to share her thoughts on Jordana with fans. “Jordana has been waiting for Sam and I to break up our whole relationship,” she claimed, “worth the wait sis.” While Jordana didn’t respond to Juliette’s claims, fans in the replies quickly took Juliette’s side. Some fans referenced what Jordana said about wanting to kiss Sam last season, while others praised Juliette for how well she handles herself on the show. 

Jordana and Juliette have never been the best of friends due to their feud over Sam, but during the latest episode of the show, things seemed to worsen. After the pair split, Juliette spent some time with her girlfriends, and Sam spent a whole day on his yacht with a group of girls, including Jordana. Juliette and her friends watched his day play out on his Snapchat story, and the star felt very hurt that her ex was rubbing it in her face that he had seemingly already moved on. Jordana seemed pleased to finally be spending some time with Sam without also having to hang out with Juliette.

Juliette’s claims certainly add up based on Jordana’s latest actions. While the star seemed heartbroken, she’s doing better than ever now with her new boyfriend and thriving swimsuit business. It seems like the two are better off without each other, and if Jordana wants to make a move on Sam, no one’s stopping her. Hopefully, the two are happy together, and Juliette can keep focusing on how much better she’s doing without her ex.

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Source: Juliette Porter/ Twitter


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