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X-Men Fan Art Gives ’90s Readers the Reunion They Actually Want

A Tumblr artist has created a gorgeous piece of art depicting the original lineup of the beloved ’90s X-Men team Generation X reunited on Krakoa.

One of the X-Men’s most beloved team of mutants, the first iteration of Generation X, is finally being reunited on the nation of Krakoa in gorgeous fan art by a talented artist on Tumblr. Lucy, who goes by littleststarfighter on Tumblr, has released a drawing depicting the six original members of the ’90s Generation X team, finally back together again on Krakoa, a reunion that has not yet happened on page in the comics.

The original ’90s Generation X team was created by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Chris Bachalo for the 1994 crossover event Phalanx Covenant, before spinning off into their own Generation X series, which lasted for 75 issues before being cancelled in 2001. This team consisted of Jubilee, Husk, Chamber, Synch, Monet, and Skin, and instead of prior generations of young mutants who were trained by Charles Xavier at his Xavier Institute, these students were trained by Emma Frost and Banshee at the Massachusetts Academy. The Generation X team was created specifically to reflect its more cynical and grounded namesake generation, and the series quickly became a critic and fan favorite, especially for Lobdell’s realistic portrayal of teenage angst, struggle, and love.

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One of the most tragic events in the original Generation X was the sacrifice and death of their teammate Synch, Everett Thomas, who was not seen alive again (besides various temporary appearances) until Jonathan Hickman’s House of X #6 on the island of Krakoa. In the new Krakoan Era of mutants where all mutants can be resurrected, former Generation X teammates Skin and Chamber have also been resurrected after their earlier deaths, marking the first time that all six original members of the team are alive and living in the same location. However Marvel Comics has yet to show the entire group in full, barely showing any interaction between the beloved characters at all except for Synch and Skin. This prompted the artist Lucy to post their gorgeous fan art on Tumblr showing the six original members enjoying a lovely hangout on the island of Krakoa.

Lucy’s art depicts the original Generation X mutants in their younger looks, capturing their playful ’90s personalities and clothing updated for the Krakoan Era. Many members of the former Generation X team have played major roles in the X-Men’s House of X relaunch, with Synch being a major member of the new official X-Men squad, Jubilee joining the Excalibur team led by Betsy Braddock, and Monet St. Croix co-running X-Corp with Angel. Fans of the classic X-Men team have been clamoring for an official reunion of all six original members, and Lucy’s gorgeous art shows what a reunion like this could look like. Generation X was rife with romantic tension between Monet and Synch and Husk and Chamber, and dealt with a lot of intense and important realities for young people. It would be really interesting for the X-Office to bring this team back together again and explore what their relationships would be like after years apart, many deaths, and a series of radical reimaginings of each character.

While the Generation X series might have been “of its time,” that doesn’t mean that reviving it and exploring the original team members as adults couldn’t work, and it is clear that fans of the original series would be glad for any form of the Generation X team to return to print. The Krakoan Era is the truly perfect time to revisit old teams, especially those that broke up due to the deaths of teammates, and even though many of the Generation X members are off on separate teams, a Giant Sized Generation X or other type of one-shot would be awesome. Make sure to check out Lucy @littleststarfighter on Tumblr to see more fan art of the X-Men, and be on the look out for new stories featuring the former members of Generation X.

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Source: littleststarfighter via Tumblr

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