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The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

Fans were thrilled by the crossover moment in the season 1 finale of How I Met Your Father  when Sophie found herself in MacLaren’s Pub getting life and love advice from the one and only Robin Scherbatsky. Many are excited that the show takes place in the same universe as How I Met Your Mother, with many hoping that these neat connections will increase over time.

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The new crew has an amazing cast, led by Hilary Duff, and features a combination of familiar faces and newer talents for fans to fall in love with. The characters are so relatable and lovable and have fans incredibly excited about season 2. Hopefully, the writers will remain consistent with their arcs and create some interesting stories that would make them even more likable in the future.

10 Meredith

Leighton Meester Meredith How I Met Your Father episode 8

Very early on in the first episode, Jesse tells the story of his rejected proposal in which he was publicly humiliated. While turning down a proposal is not reason enough the make Meredith unlikable, it’s clear that is how some of the show’s main characters feel.

Even if she wanted to say no, the situation could’ve been handled a lot better. Later on in the season, Meredith shows up to warn Jesse about her song and insists on meeting with him. A lot of her behavior comes off as manipulative and she is definitely sending some mixed signals. Obviously, any Jesse and Sophie shippers will find her unlikable in the season finale too.

9 Jasper

Jasper fist bumps Sid in How I Met Your Father

Jasper is a perfectly fine character and he’s not by any means totally unlikable, but fans have not learned too much about him in the series so far. He definitely helps out Sid at the bar to an extent, but he doesn’t seem all that hard working.

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His character seems to mostly be there to be able to make jokes about Gen Z, and to give Jasper the opportunity to joke about the Millennials through his lens. The jokes are funny and they land, but they also seem like they annoy the main characters at times. Jasper is a fun addition to the show but can at times come off as obnoxious.

8 Hannah

Hannah looks skeptically at Sid in How I Met Your Father

Hannah and Sid get engaged in the pilot and it’s all smiles, but the first season really explores a lot of the challenges they have when navigating a new engagement and a long-distance relationship.

Hannah is not around as much as the rest of the gang, so viewers do not get to know her quite as well as the other characters, but from what does come up, she seems to be pretty difficult to hold conversations with. It seems like she sometimes needs things to go her way, doesn’t know how to communicate about important things that bother her, and can become easily frustrated.

7 Drew

Played by a fan-favorite actor, Josh Peck, who many fans loved in his Nickelodeon show days, a lot of fans were drawn to Drew initially. He was charismatic, smiley, charming, and a perfect gentleman throughout much of his relationship with Sophie.

Unfortunately, all of his amazing qualities take a hit when he is pretty rude to Sophie and implies that photography can’t be her real career. In that instance, he shifts to seeming like he’s on a high horse and looks down on his peers who don’t define success or think about life in the same ways that he does, which is not a very likable quality.

6 Jesse

How I Met Your Father Christopher Lowell Jesse

Even though Sophie is the protagonist of the series, Jesse gives off some major Ted Mosby energy, which is not necessarily a good thing. When the audience and Sophie are first introduced to Jesse, he is already talking about the engagement fail video.

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Jesse can be incredibly charming and sweet, especially when he’s talking to Sophie in a way that isn’t awkward, but other than that he can come off like he is feeling sorry for himself and even seems whiny at times. Not to mention, the finale really makes it seem like he doesn’t know what he wants as he makes big moves that don’t seem to be good for him.

5 Valentina

Valentina opens the door and smiles in How I Met Your Father

One of the best characters on How I Met Your Father, Valentina proves to be an incredible roommate and friend throughout the whole first season. She even has her moments of being a good girlfriend too. She seems like the kind of person who knows exactly what to say to cheer up the people she loves.

That said, she also has a bit of an edge to her, but nothing major. Sometimes she gets really jealous, creates double standards in her relationship, or has questionable morals (like when she steals from her work), but ultimately her lovable personality shines through her challenging moments. The good far outweighs the bad.

4 Sid

In the same way that Jesse gives off Ted Mosby vibes, Sid gives off Marshall Eriksen vibes, (and Marshall is undoubtedly the most lovable character from How I Met Your Mother, so it only makes sense that Sid is greatly lovable too).

He seems like an awesome friend and roommate, he works hard to follow his dreams, he’s a romantic, and he’s incredibly kind. Sid is a loyal person who both loves his friends and wants to do all he can to make his long-distance with Hannah work. He’s so welcoming that he warms up to Sophie in the very beginning and really shows up for her when she needs a friend later on.

3 Sophie

How I Met Your Father Sophie Tooth Hilary Duff

One great thing about How I Met Your Father is that Sophie is far more likable than Ted Mosby was. Much like Drew, it’s hard for fans not to love Hilary Duff’s character, so when she talks about love, viewers really want it for her.

Sophie’s likability is not all thanks to Duff though. Kim Cattrall does an amazing job as the older Sophie. Both women are hilarious, earnest, and so lovable as Sophie. She is bright-eyed, hopeful, and a dreamer that everyone wants to root for. It’s clear throughout the season that she’s a really great friend too.

2 Ellen

Ellen at Sophie's art gallery in How I Met Your Father

Ellen is such a wonderful character. It’s always nice in a show like How I Met Your Father that is set in NYC to have a character that’s new to the area and this show does even better because there are two, and they are the most lovable of all.

What makes Ellen so lovable is how open she is to being in a new place and starting her life completely over. She’s vulnerable, hilarious, and cares so deeply about how all of her interactions go, from attempting to talk to a beautiful woman to trying to impress at a job interview. She makes new friends quickly, puts herself out there, and is such a loving sister to Jesse too.

1 Charlie

Shirtless Charlie reaching out in HIMYF

Charlie is the other half of the amazing comedic duo in How I Met Your Father. Charlie and Ellen are so charming in the way that they are new to the city and shooting their shots. Charlie brings some of the fanciness of Barney, but with perfect manners.

He’s so lovable because of how passionate he is. He wears his heart on his sleeve, he immerses himself in what he loves, and he desperately wants to share his joys with his friends while appealing to them (like when he wants to show everyone soccer). He also does a great job working at Sid’s bar, which gives him some adorable early days of Friends Rachel Green energy too.

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