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Elden Ring: Where To Find The Regalia Of Eochaid

To get the Regalia of Eochaid Straight Sword in Elden Ring, Tarnished warriors must make their way to a cliff in Limgrave connected to a Caelid cave.

While overpowered weapons like the Rivers of Blood Katana are still the best for bleeding damage in Elden Ring, the Regalia of Eochaid Straight Sword is a unique and intriguing alternative for Arcane builds. Resembling a dark gladius engraved with runes, the Regalia of Eochaid primarily scales with Dexterity and Arcane, making it a viable option for blood loss damage. In addition, the Straight Sword is imbued with the Eochaid’s Dancing Blade, a lightsaber-like weapon art in Elden Ring that allows its wielder to hurl the weapon forward in a corkscrew attack. This skill can be charged to execute the attack for a longer duration.

The Regalia of Eochaid can be found in a graveyard atop a cliff in East Limgrave. This ridge is part of the region’s border with Caelid and is accessed through the prison tunnels of Gaol Cave, west of Fort Gael. However, some Tarnished claim they have managed to “Skyrim-horse-climb” the cliff by performing precise jumps along the cliffside near the Third Church of Marika. Others have also been able to carefully leap down from atop the bluff west of Fort Gael. While these methods are clever, the Gaol Cave does contain valuable loot that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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To reach Gaol Cave in Elden Ring, Tarnished can travel along the ridge northeast of Fort Gael. Near a Pumpkin Head camp, they will be able to safely drop into the swamp below and make their way southwest to the cavern’s entrance. Keep in mind that two Stonesword Keys are required to break Imp Statue Seal in the entryway.

Regalia Of Eochaid Location In Elden Ring

Regalia Of Eochaid Location In Elden Ring

Once Tarnished have made it into Gaol Cave, they must make their way through the winding prison tunnels of the Dungeon. After fighting through Giants and Vulgar Milita, adventurers will reach a lever that opens all the cells holding zombified humanoids. Next, it’s recommended that players backtrack to collect all the loot within the cells while being mindful of the exploding zombies. Within Gaol Cave, Tarnished will be able to find the Pillory Shield, the Wakizashi Dagger, a Stonesword Key, and a Rune Arc.

At the end of Dungeon, challengers must face a Frenzied Duelist in Elden Ring wielding a double-sided great axe. The boss can be easily defeated by avoiding its slow swing attacks. Once the Frenzied Duelist, be careful not to teleport back to the entrance yet. Instead, head out the exit ahead to the cliff cemetery where the Regalia of Eochaid can be found by a tombstone.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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