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Wolverine Isn’t Actually That Old, And He Should Stop Pretending He Is

Wolverine has been around for centuries, but when compared to other Marvel characters, he’s really not as old as he keeps making himself out to be.

Warning: Spoilers for X Deaths of Wolverine #5!

In Marvel Comics, X-Men member Wolverine is a centuries-old mutant that has seen his fair share of ups and downs but compared to other Marvel characters, he’s nothing special when it comes to life’s longevity. Wolvie may like to think of himself as someone who’s been around and experienced more than most (which is true), but him continuously pretending like he’s seen it all and is somehow more important because of it is head-scratching, to say the least.

Touched on in the pages of X Deaths of Wolverine #5, by Benjamin Percy and Federico Vincentini, but also seen throughout Wolverine’s entire comic book career, Logan acting like he’s the wisest of the bunch because of his age is a bit embarrassing when put into proper context. Of course, Wolverine is one of the oldest characters in the Marvel Universe, just not as old as he always seems to make himself out to be.

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Born way back in the mid-1880s, Wolverine has lived for approximately a century and a half (or about two human lifetimes), give or take a few added on years thanks to all of his adventures traveling back and forth through time as well as the constant multiversal shenanigans he seems to always be involved in. And as a text page in this issue illustrates, Logan thinking he’s some kind of sentinel of history that needs to protect it from all that’s currently happening and all that will eventually come to pass comes across as a weirdly hubristic outlook on his life that doesn’t exactly sit right when held up to scrutinization.

Recounting a moment in the text when he once visited the Coba ruins in Mexico, Wolverine gets contemplative about the passage of time. And after overhearing a young kid and his family basically disrespect the importance of these ruins, Wolverine thinks to himself that since he does understand the importance of what has happened in the past and how it affects the future, his job, like it or not, is to have “the long view” and to “keep watch” so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

But when stacked up against the evil X-Men villain of Apocalypse (about 5,000 years old), the obscure mutant group known as the Externals (about 10,000 years old), the mutant Selene Gallio (approximately 17,00 years old), and even the Eternals themselves (who more or less have been around since the Earth was habitable), Wolverine is a drop in the metaphorical bucket compared these beings of immense longevity. Not to mention that other characters like Mystique, Jonas Graymalkin, Magneto, and even Namor are either close to Logan’s age or slightly younger, and Wolverine thinking he’s something special is a weird oversight for a guy that’s the best at what he does. Furthermore, with mutants now having command over death itself thanks to Krakoa’s Resurrection Protocols, every mutant can essentially live forever, including mutants being resurrected from times before Logan was even a twinkle in his parents’ eyes.

So while Wolverine has lived a long and tumultuous life and has seen more than most, the idea that he’s uniquely suited to take the long view is laughable at best when considering the company he keeps and their own centuries and millennia-long experiences. Wolverine is still one of the oldest characters in the Marvel Universe, but compared to some others, he’s still the new kid on the block.

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