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Sony’s PlayStation VR2 delayed until 2023

Sony first teased the PlayStation VR2, which includes the VR2 headset and the VR2 gaming controllers, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This was followed by an official launch a month later. At the time Sony hadn’t revealed the pricing and the timeline of availability for its PS VR2 gaming accessories. Now, nearly two months after the official launch, a report has suggested that gaming enthusiasts will not be able to get their hands on Sony’s gaming accessories until 2023. Also Read – Fortnite developer Epic Games ready to go full throttle on metaverse with $2 billion investment

Display Supply Chain (DSCC) analyst Ross Young took to Twitter to reveal a 50 percent increase in VR (virtual reality) headset shipment this year, which could lead to the shipment of around 15 million units this year. He also said this will happen despite ‘delays at Apple and Sony’. Also Read – Dyson Zone isn’t the only weird headphone in town: Here are others

It is worth mentioning that Apple has been said to be working on a AR/VR headset of its own for a long time now. This headset was earlier tipped to arrive sometime in 2023. However, recent reports have suggested that the launch has now been delayed to 2023. Also Read – Xiaomi to partner with Leica: Check other smartphone-camera partnerships

As far as Sony is concerned, this report is being viewed as a delay in the availability of the PS VR2, availability of which remains unknown for now. “VR display shipments to rise >50% to >15M in 2022 despite delays to 2023 at Apple and Sony. Big jump forecasted in 2023,” Young wrote.

In his tweet, the analyst quoted a report which says that Meta will be one of the key companies driving the sale of VR displays this year. “A total of 15.8M panels will find their way into VR headsets this year, with over 80% of the demand expected to come from Meta,” the report noted. The report also reiterated recent reports, which suggest that Apple has delayed the launch of its AR/VR headset. “Apple has delayed the launch of its first AR/VR headset but is still expected to use SiOLED,” the report added.

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