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Everything To Know About April’s Boyfriend Cody Cooper

The Ultimatum’s April Marie is dating realtor Cody Cooper months after breaking up with ex-boyfriend Jake Cunningham and here’s all to know about him.

The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On reunion special just aired on Netflix, and cast member April Marie let fans know that she is seeing someone new and she is happy. April initially came on to the show with her then-boyfriend Jake Cunningham. April, who issued the ultimatum, expressed how much she wanted to get married and have kids, but she felt that her partner Jake was hesitant. The 23-year-old Ultimatum star was very open to the experience and stated that even though she loved Jake, she was prepared for any outcome, including the possibility of him falling in love with someone else and leaving her.

In the season finale, April did not get her happy ending. Her boyfriend Jake broke up with her and ran off with his trial wife, Rae Williams. April stated that she knew she had lost Jake in the three weeks he had spent with co-star Rae Williams because he acted distant and reserved when it was her turn to live with him. In the reunion episode, April and Jake revealed that they had tried to make it work after the show and even lived together for months before calling it quits for good. When asked about her current dating life, April confirmed that she is in a healthy and serious relationship.

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Although she did not reveal her partner’s identity, fans were quick to put two and two together after Instagram user Cody Cooper posted a story of him kissing April on the cheek with the caption, “My love,” before the show aired the finale. Naturally, The Ultimatum fans are curious about the man who stole April’s heart. Cody Cooper is a real estate broker and entrepreneur. He owns a real estate company, Sprout Realty, based in Austin, Texas. He also co-owns a vape company called Kwik Rip. According to his Instagram bio, the 30-year-old businessman making April swoon is also working on a men’s luxury underwear line called Woodcox, set to come out in 2022.

April told viewers that the two have been dating for a couple of months now. Shortly after the reunion premiered, Cody posted a picture of him, and April captioned,” It’s only been 6 months, and it feels like a lifetime.” In the caption, Cody talked about how he and April have traveled the world together and spent time with each other’s families. He mentioned that the two have even moved in together in a short amount of time. April also posted a video of the two of them after the reunion highlighting their time together.

April’s dream to get married may come true through her new boyfriend. She told the hosts and cast of The Ultimatum about Cody’s views on marriage and children, “This is someone who wakes up every day and says I love you, can’t wait to marry you.” Although none of the other couples got married besides Madlyn and Colby, they expressed that they are all grateful for the experience.

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The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Cody Cooper/Instagram, April Marie/Instagram

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