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Phasmophobia’s Easter Event Features A Haunted Egg Hunt

Phasmophobia’s Easter event has dropped alongside the Hotfix v0.6.1.3 update, featuring a haunted egg hunt around the horror game’s many maps.

Kinetic Games released Phasmophobia’s Easter event, which features a haunted egg hunt that offers a new strategy for ghost hunting. Phasmophobia became a massive success in 2020, surprising horror fans with its innovative design, deep fear factor, and cooperative gameplay. What was especially notable is that Phasmophobia’s first release was the product of a single developer, though the team has since grown. Phasmophobia won the Game Awards’ Best Debut game prize in 2020, inspiring indie developers and propelling the co-op horror game’s popularity.

Though many Early Access games suffer development purgatory, Kinetic Games has continued to release updates for Phasmophobia, adding new ghosts, features, and maps to the horror game. Though the ghost-hunting simulator has not gotten an official release date yet, a few major updates have seen Phasmophobia expand tremendously. The Cursed Possessions update, which launched in December 2021, added summoning circles and Tarot cards, and the Anniversary Update added an offline single-player feature and ghost journal updates. Kinetic Games continues to improve on the horror game’s already successful formula, having revealed Phasmophobia’s 2022 roadmap which includes the addition of a custom difficulty and new progression systems.

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According to its Steam page (via Eurogamer), Phasmophobia’s Easter event has gone live, featuring a haunted egg hunt along with a VR overhaul and bug fixes. The event is available through April 19 and adds several Easter eggs to every haunted location. Players are tasked with tracking down the Easter eggs in each match. Finding them all will restore every team members’ sanity to 100%. During a match, players can track how many eggs are left by looking under the map image in the truck. The event dropped alongside the Hotfix v0.6.1.3 update, which added a visual indicator for both PC and VR when using voice toggle. Other changes include increased brightness of the CCTV night vision in Prison, as well as a fix to an issue in which Banshees were killing non-targets near doors.

Phasmophobia adds Easter eggs in new update

This isn’t Phasmophobia’s first holiday-themed event. Last December, Kinetic Games added a Santa Claus ghost to Phasmophobia in time for Christmas. The Old Saint Nick apparition could be spotted around the Maple Campsite, forcing players to flee from him as he arrived to the tune of jingle bells. Since Kinetic Games never made a specific announcement, some ghost hunters were severely frightened when Kris Kringle’s jingle bells started ringing. Though Phasmophobia’s Easter event doesn’t mention any new ghost sightings, it does lead many to wonder who or what left the eggs around the game’s various locales.

While collecting Easter eggs doesn’t sound like a frightening endeavor fit for Phasmophobia at first, it might prove to be as fear-inducing as the game’s other features. Easter eggs add to the ghost hunter’s already lengthy list of tasks. Finding the eggs while simultaneously running from a deadly apparition might be as heart-pumping an experience as they come. Since Phasmophobia keeps things scary on its own, these small gameplay changes are a great way to keep fans engaged in totally new ways.

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Source: Phasmophobia/Steam (via Eurogamer)

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