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James Gunn Clarifies Comments On If He Wants to Make a Superman Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn clarifies some comments he made on whether he would consider making a Superman movie in the future.

The Suicide Squad director James Gunn has recently commented on if he would consider making a Superman movie. Gunn, while having a relatively diverse range of films in his catalog, has certainly made a name for himself in the world of superheroes over the last decade. Beginning in 2014, Gunn helmed the massively successful MCU film Guardians of the Galaxy and since then has gone on to work in both the MCU and DCEU, bringing the world Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, 2021’s The Suicide Squad, and that film’s spin-off series Peacemaker. Currently, Gunn is in production for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, while also in post-production for The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. 

With a career so deeply steeped in superheroes, many fans of the director have often put forward superheroes that they would love to see Gunn adapt to the screen. Gunn has made it clear that he is a comic book fan, and has maintained that his favorite DC film of all time is Superman II, so it isn’t unimaginable that the director would want to continue to bring his own adaptations of popular characters to life. With that said, Gunn recently stated that there aren’t any Marvel or DC characters that he wants to work with that he isn’t already. While this is perfectly fair, as the projects Gunn have been working on have kept him quite busy over the last few years, some fans were a bit disappointed to hear this, and have some questions.

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In a recent tweet, Gunn has responded to one particular fan who questioned Gunn as to why he wouldn’t consider making a Superman film if Superman II is his favorite DC movie. Gunn, ever on the quest to rid the internet of false information, has replied by stating that he never specifically said that he “wasn’t interested in that.” However, Gunn has also gone on to point out that liking a movie a lot isn’t necessarily grounds to remake it. As Gunn puts it, “just because I love beef stroganoff doesn’t mean I have a desire to make it.” See his full tweet below:

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Gunn has quite a history of shutting down rumors and false information on Twitter. While the director doesn’t necessarily come right out and reveal important details about his upcoming works, a quick scroll through his Twitter page will reveal many instances of Gunn responding to several rumors about his projects that are being shared as facts, including one which describes what the plot for a Gamora MCU series will be, despite there being no evidence that show even exists. Fans can rest assured that if there is false information regarding his projects somewhere on the internet, Gunn will find it and correct it.

It doesn’t seem that Gunn has any plans to make his Superman at the moment, and that’s alright. If the only reason he has to make a Superman film is simply because he really likes Superman II, then perhaps the idea is best left on the shelf for now. Ultimately, fans seem fine with this as well. Most comments on Gunn’s tweet express that fans are just happy the director has brought them the superheroes he already has. Of course, no one knows what the future holds. Gunn has proved himself an honest man on Twitter, and while there is no evidence of a Gunn Superman movie in the future, fans can likely expect him to be open about it if there ever is.

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Source: James Gunn (via Twitter)

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