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Sony PS5 restock date announced with new special offer: Check date, other details

Sony PlayStation 5 restock is upon us and the Japanese conglomerate has announced the dates. The Sony PS5 Digital Edition and Standard Edition will be going on sale on April 22 at 12 PM. This is the third restock for the year and Sony will be selling both the standard version and even the digital edition. This time around Sony is not only selling the new generation of gaming consoles but is also offering a bundle. Buyers can get the PS5 standard edition with Gran Turismo 7 worth Rs 4,999 at Rs 54,490. The company is offering a discount of Rs 499. The overall price remains the same at Rs 49,990. The digital edition will continue to sell at Rs 39,990. Also Read – Sony’s PlayStation VR2 delayed until 2023

Similar to previous sales, the Sony PlayStation 5 will be available at ShopatSC website,, Flipkart, Vijay Salesm GamesTheShop, Reliance Digital, Croma and Prepaid Game Card. All websites might have varying amounts of inventory. The buyer can try to approach multiple sites to pre-book their PS5. Also Read – Fortnite developer Epic Games ready to go full throttle on metaverse with $2 billion investment

Sony PS5 sales began globally during the holiday season of 2020 and they started retailing in India early last year. Despite being more than a year old, the console is still rare to come by. The gaming console often goes out of stock in minutes if not seconds. This time might not be any different. Sony is expected to retail a limited amount of units across all the websites and retail stores in the country. Also Read – Dyson Zone isn’t the only weird headphone in town: Here are others

In order to enhance your chances, there are a few tips and tricks that may be of some help. However, do not consider it to guarantee a successful purchase.

Basic tips and tricks to get your hands on the Sony PlayStation 5 or Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition:

Use multiple marketplaces to pre-book the gaming consol. Ideally, you should be doing this on every device available to just increase your chances. However, while opening multiple tabs, make sure that your laptop/desktop is not stuttering or lagging. In that case, focus on a select few retailers.

Take help from friends or family. Just adding one more person along with you to pre-book a new PS5 increases your chances by 100 percent. Let the person helping you do the booking on a separate device and ideally on a separate but stable internet connection

You might witness that the coming soon button suddenly turns into ‘Out of Stock’. This could be an error or some people may not be able to complete their transaction. You should wait for a slightly longer period to just be sure. Sometimes servers tend to get overloaded and websites end up showing the stock minutes after the assigned time of 12 PM. Initially, some buyers were able to book their console even hours after the 12PM deadline.

You should log-in into all the websites and save your payment information before time. This helps a great deal during those final seconds of booking the console. Be ready with multiple payment options.

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