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Who Was The [SPOILER] At The End Of Episode 4?!

Moon Knight episode 4 ends with an appearance from a surprise character. Here’s who [SPOILER] was and what their role could mean for the show.

Warning: SPOILERS for Moon Knight episode 4!

A giant talking hippo appears at the end of Moon Knight episode 4, and here’s who that character was. After an already chaotic first three episodes, Marvel Studios’ Disney+ show takes a big turn in its fourth episode. The Moon Knight episode 4 ending sees Marc Spector becoming a patient at a psychiatric hospital, where Arthur Harrow is the lead doctor and Moon Knight’s Steven Grant identity is discovered in a sarcophagus. Amazingly, the biggest surprise comes at the end with the appearance of a giant hippopotamus.

Moon Knight has repeatedly explored the supernatural and mystical side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This includes introducing Egyptian gods to the shared universe, which brings their unique physical appearances and normal human Avatars. So far, Moon Knight has only shown Khonshu in his godly form, where he has a towering humanoid body and a big bird skull. It’s a look that Marc Spector and Steven Grant have grown accustomed to seeing, but Moon Knight episode 4’s ending still leaves even them shocked to see a talking hippo with Egyptian accessories.

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The hippo in Moon Knight episode 4 is only on screen for a few seconds before a female voice says “Hi” to Marc and Steven. While they do not indicate to know who Moon Knight‘s hippo is, there is no mistake that she is Taweret. The Egyptian goddess is traditionally depicted as a bipedal hippopotamus with the paws of a lion and a tail of a crocodile. Taweret is a protective goddess in Egyptian mythology who represents childbirth and fertility. Despite Marvel Comics including various Egyptian gods, Taweret has not been included before, making Moon Knight her Marvel debut.

Who Is The Hippo At The End Of Moon Knight Episode 4?

moon knight hippo god

There is a vast mythology that comes with Taweret due to her longevity in Egyptian mythology. This includes serving roles like playing peacemaker in certain situations and cleansing the dead so they can pass through to the next stage of the afterlife. Taweret also holds a connection to the Egyptian sun god Ra, as myths formed during the New Kingdom era (1550-1069 BC) make her his daughter. In Marvel Comics, Ra is responsible for the creation of a Moon Knight villain known as Sun King.

Thanks to the role that Taweret has played in the past, her appearance in Moon Knight episode 4 is all the more interesting. It could be viewed that her debut comes so she can help play peacemaker between Khonshu and the Egyptian gods or even Khonshu and Marc Spector. Taweret’s encounter with Marc and Steven does come just as they are about to pass through a doorway, so it is also possible that she’s there to cleanse them as they pass through the afterlife. This would confirm that Arthur Harrow killed Marc Spector earlier in Moon Knight episode 4. There might not be much context for Taweret’s appearance here, but that should come in later episodes.

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