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Genshin Impact On Switch Isn’t Canceled

Rumors are once again circulating online that Genshin Impact’s release date on Nintendo Switch is canceled, but it’s been debunked by HoYoverse.

Two years have passed since Genshin Impact announced a port to Nintendo Switch consoles was on its way, so it’s not surprising that rumors that the Switch version is canceled are once again circulating. As months turned into years without any news of a Genshin Impact release date on Switch, many players stopped asking HoYoverse when the Switch port would be released as the answer appeared to be “never.” Despite the lack of updates, HoYoverse has debunked the rumors that the Switch port is canceled. The evidence to support the rumor was a mistake that was quickly rectified, though not before eagle-eyed Genshin Impact fans spotted the error.

Genshin Impact was first announced in June 2019 for PC and mobile devices. Seven months later, in January 2020, the game’s developers HoYoverse (previously miHoYo) announced a Nintendo Switch version was coming soon, a message that even preceded the PlayStation announcement. Genshin Impact and PlayStation have collaborated closely in the past, most notably on the Horizon Zero Dawn crossover which added Aloy to Genshin Impact as a playable character. Two years later, not only has the Switch version of the popular RPG still not been released, its release date remains unknown.

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Rumors that the Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact is canceled have repeatedly arisen during the two years since Genshin Impact posted the Switch trailer on its English YouTube channel. The lack of updates from HoYoverse regarding a release date for Genshin Impact on Switch has added fuel to the fire. In the most recent instance, a lore trailer featuring siblings Kamisato Ayato and Ayaka posted on Genshin Impact‘s Japanese YouTube channel was responsible for starting the rumor mill. The video’s caption was missing the usual references to Nintendo Switch as a supported platform, which went unnoticed by most viewers. However, a few viewers who spotted the omission took to social media to share the information with fellow fans.

Genshin Impact On Nintendo Switch Release Date Remains Unknown

No, Genshin Impact On Nintendo Switch Isn't Canceled Raiden Shogun

Shortly after the missing references to Nintendo Switch in the video’s caption were spotted, the video’s description was updated to include this information. Subsequent videos posted to the same YouTube channel have included this information, as have other posts on Genshin Impact‘s other social media channels. For now, the mistake appears to have been just a typo in the video’s description. After such a long wait, it would be a shock if the Switch version of Genshin Impact were to be canceled, and it seems unlikely based on this sole piece of evidence. There have been reports that hardware issues are responsible for the Switch delay, but no indications from the game’s developers that the version is canceled.

Hopefully, HoYoverse’s radio silence on the Switch version of Genshin Impact is due to a focus on getting the optimized version of the game ready. The lack of updates has left Genshin Impact players and Nintendo Switch owners in the dark about when the game will be available for download on the platform, exacerbating the cancelation rumors. In the most recent instance, fans can rest assured that the rumor holds little weight, as Genshin Impact quickly corrected its mistake. HoYoverse will undoubtedly drum up attention for the long-awaited Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact when a release date is finally announced but, until then, all fans can do is patiently wait for news.

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Source: Genshin Impact EN/YouTube, Genshin Impact JP/YouTube

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