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How To Get The Panthean Robe Of Casting in Final Fantasy XIV

To acquire the Panthean Robe of Casting in Final Fantasy XIV, Warriors of Light will need to gain access to the new Alliance Dungeon of Patch 6.1.

The Panthean Robe of Casting is the body piece of the Level 90 Panthean Casting Set in Final Fantasy XIV, equippable by Thaumaturges, Arcanists, Black Mages, Summoners, Red Mages, and Blue Mages. This armor piece is designed with a velvety fabric colored with a shade somewhere between the spectrum of sepia and dark purple. The garments are blazed with royal gold plates and lining cut to emphasize its wearer’s abdomen with a delicate and embellished constitution. Final Fantasy XIV fashionistas might adore the Panthean Robe of Casting for its high stats and strikingly posh countenance.

The Panthean Robe of Casting is an Unsellable and Market Prohibited item, meaning that Warriors of Light are restricted to acquiring the chest piece on their own without the help of commerce. This robe, along with the rest of the Panthean Casting Set, is obtained by completing Patch 6.1’s new Alliance Dungeon, Myths of the Realm: Aglaia. This particular Duty becomes available in the MSQ added in 6.1, meaning that FFXIV players will need to have completed all of Endwalker‘s content to access the Dungeon.

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Specifically, FFXIV fans must complete the quest “The Realm of the Gods” to unlock Aglaia. This blue quest becomes available through the MSQ “A Brother’s Grief.” Furthermore, adventurers will need a minimum Item Level of 565 to enter Aglaia in Final Fantasy XIV.

Unlocking The Panthean Robe Of Casting In FFXIV

Nald Thal Aglaia Final Boss FFXIV

The Panthean Robe of Casting spawns as random loot dropped by one of the Treasure Coffers that appears after the defeat of Nald’Thal, the third and final boss of Aglaia. Accordingly, Warriors of Light will need to brave through the entire Dungeon, beating Byregot, Rhalgr, and Azeyma to get to The Traders: Nald’Thal. This Dungeon will likely take 25-35 minutes to complete, depending on the skill level of the party members.

The final battle of Aglaia shouldn’t be too challenging, as long as players have a general idea of Nald’Thal’s unique mechanics. For example, Souls Measure and Balance might confuse several new players on where they are supposed to position themselves within the arena. Therefore, it might be a good idea to briefly check how the fight goes down before blindly facing the boss. Once Nald’Thal is dead, three FFXIV Treasure Coffers will appear, and players will have a slight chance to find the Panthean Robe of Casting within the chest on the front left. Remember that the player rolling “need” on the item will have a much higher chance of receiving it if their Job aligns with the robe’s class.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or Square Enix’s official website.

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