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The Batman Teases Two Robins (But Not The One Pattinson Wants)

The Batman references over 80 years of Batman lore, including two iterations of Robin, just not the particular sidekick who Robert Pattinson wants.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Batman

Two of Batman’s Robin sidekicks are teased in The Batman, but the one Robert Pattinson hopes to see was not one of them. The Batman is the first live-action installment in a new DC continuity that will exist alongside the DCEU franchise. The Batman’s sequels and spinoff content are poised to introduce Batman’s famous sidekick, with the 2022 film referencing Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, both of whom used the Robin moniker in the comics and their adaptations. Jason Todd, who was the second Robin in the comics, went unreferenced, though Robert Pattinson hopes to see his most infamous story adapted.

Dick Grayson, who is the first and most famous Robin, is a former circus acrobat who became Bruce Wayne’s adopted son after the death of his parents but became the superhero Nightwing as an adult. His successor, Jason Todd, was a homeless orphan who helped Batman defeat a gang of criminals, becoming the new Robin soon afterward. After Jason Todd was murdered by the Joker, however, the young sleuth Tim Drake became the third Robin after convincing Batman that he needed a Robin in his crime-fighting activities.

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The Batman, unsurprisingly, features easter eggs and references to the Batman comic mythos, including Batman’s famous sidekicks. Dick Grayson’s home city upon becoming Nightwing, Blüdhaven, is mentioned by Catwoman as her destination before leaving Gotham City. Grayson’s trapeze artist past is also potentially set up by Alfred, who mentions being associated with a circus, which may be Haley’s Circus. Batman’s batarang is hidden in plain sight as his chest emblem, which references Tim Drake concealing an emergency shuriken on his Robin costume as its “R” logo. Robert Pattinson expressed interest in adapting A Death in the Family, yet there were no references to Jason Todd in The Batman.

The Batman Robert Pattinson Future Robin Mayor Son SR

As the first Robin with the clearest setup, Dick Grayson seems likely to appear in a The Batman sequel, as Blüdhaven is most closely associated with his adult superhero identity of Nightwing. Moreover, Alfred’s potential ties to Haley’s Circus would provide him and Bruce Wayne with a connection to Grayson before he even loses his parents, as well the possibility of Alfred discovering the murder of the Graysons. If Tim Drake appears in The Batman’s continuity, one of his classic gadgets from his early appearances has already been used by Batman.

Shortly before The Batman’s theatrical release, Robert Pattinson voiced his appreciation for Robin and a desire to see one of the darkest Batman stories, A Death in the Family, brought to life on film. The 1988 comic story infamously depicted the death of Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker. Although Todd was resurrected years later thanks to Superboy Prime in Infinite Crisis, his death shocked readers, elevated the threat of the Joker, and forever changed Batman.

Although Batman is still early in his superhero career in The Batman, the film provides some subtle setup for Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. Depending on how long The Batman’s sequel takes place after the first installment, it could feature any one or more of Batman’s iconic sidekicks. Dick Grayson and Tim Drake may have been the most clearly teased in The Batman, but adapting the tragic death of Jason Todd as Robert Pattinson wants is not out of the question.

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