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Will Violet Bridgerton Ever Find Love Again In Future Seasons?

Violet Bridgerton has been busy helping Daphne and Anthony find their matches in Simon and Kate, but will the beautiful matriarch find love again?

Among all the romance seen in Bridgerton so far, a story has yet to be written in which Violet Bridgerton finds love again. Based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling Bridgerton book series, the Netflix show has just concluded its second season in which Anthony finds his match in the headstrong Kate Sharma, joining his sister, Daphne, in the land of marital bliss, much to the joy of the Bridgerton matriarch, Violet. As each book covers the love story of one of the Bridgerton siblings (of which there are eight), with each Netflix season following suit, fans can expect six more glorious seasons of balls and brawls, as the remaining children find true love. However, Violet Bridgerton’s romantic future seems less clear.

Bridgerton season 2 told eldest sibling Anthony’s story, one of reckoning and responsibility. Set several years after the tragic death of his father, Edmund, Anthony has yet to fully process his grief, as he is thrust into the role of head of the household. It is not only his father’s sudden death that so impacts and scars Anthony, however, but also his witnessing his mother’s grief. In a series of flashbacks, viewers watch as Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) experiences Violet’s mourning firsthand and is so terrified by her devastation that he vows never to fall in love—that is, until his plans are derailed by Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley).

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While Violet’s story is secondary to Anthony’s in Bridgerton season 2, hers is equally (if not more) compelling than Anthony’s struggle with intimacy. Brought to screen in a compelling performance by Ruth Gemmel, Violet’s mourning reveals that her motive in aiding her children to find true love stems from the love she shared with Edmund, a loss that she still feels keenly so many years later. While Julia Quinn has explored Edmund and Violet’s backstory in the short story Violet in Bloom (included in The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After and First Comes Scandal), she has yet to write another love story for Violet, something she claims she will not do.

Why Violet Can’t Find Love In Bridgerton’s Future


A veritable diamond herself, Violet Bridgerton is kind, beautiful, well-spoken, well-educated, intelligent, and the picture of what a Regency-era lady should be in Bridgerton. However, it seems author Julia Quinn may think too highly of Violet to give her a happy ending. On the author’s website (via Julia Quinn), she responds to an inquiry from her readers on the subject by saying, “I’m afraid I just don’t see writing her story. I used to think it was because she was so devoted to Edmund, but…I realized that really wasn’t the reason. I’ve thought about it a while, and in all honesty, I don’t think I could come up with anyone good enough for her. Seriously. I just adore her.”

Quinn offered more insight into her decision in an article for Oprah Magazine in 2021 claiming that Violet would inevitably be forced to sacrifice her freedom if she remarried claiming that in that era, the man would “get to be in charge of everything. I don’t think she’s ready to give that up.” Anthony and Kate’s romance in Bridgerton season 2, however, makes Quinn’s reasoning for Violet’s lack of a second romance ring hollow (however historically accurate it may be), as Kate Sharma is an incredibly independent woman that finds love with a man that values that in her and respects her for it.

Quinn’s excuse is further negated by the fact that Violet will (if all goes according to plan) eventually see all her children happily wed, and while Violet may fear external interference in her children’s marriages currently, this issue will no longer be present after the marriage of her youngest, Hyacinth. Beyond any other reasoning, Quinn’s decision to forgo a second romance out of fear of control is disappointing because it essentially makes one of her strongest characters a hypocrite, as Violet has just spent the entirety of Bridgerton season 2 encouraging Anthony to let go of his fear and embrace love. The author’s decision seems to fail Violet’s character by thinking that the capable woman that she is would marry someone seeking to control her.

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