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Fortnite’s Klombos May Return & Be Killable, Leaker Claims

According to a leaker, Fortnite may be adding the dinosaur-like creatures Klombos, back into the game. But this time they might be killable.

Popular battle royale Fortnite may be bringing back the ancient beasts the Klombos, but with a new twist. The Klombos were initially added back in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, but were unkillable NPCs. If these latest leaks are to be believed, if they return, the Klombo could be a killable mob.

Fortnite surprised its players when, at the start of the game’s 19th season, it introduced a new breed of wildlife called Klombos. Resembling dinosaurs, these Klombos added a new wrinkle to gameplay wherein players could feed the creatures Klomberries, which could often result in the Klombos giving the player a random item. Although players could attack the Klombo and eventually turn it hostile, the creature was not killable and did not supply any drops, which made it a waste of ammo to fight. Even though the Klombos were a fun addition to Fortnite, developer Epic Games decided to vault the creatures at the start of the next season. But now there are rumors that the Klombos may be returning.

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According to Fortnite insider HYPEX, Epic is potentially eyeing a re-release of the Klombos in a future update. However, unlike their original version, these Klombos would be killable and would have unique drops including meat. HYPEX points out that this new item, NPC Meat, that was recently added, could be a nod to this new version of the Klombo. It’s unclear whether this new version would also accept Klomberries in exchange for drops, or if a player would have to kill the Klombo to get the drops. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this is just a rumor, for now, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Although the prospect of the Klombo returning may be exciting to Fortnite players, unvaulting content has not always gone smoothly. For instance, a year ago Fortnite opted to bring the Flint-Knock pistol back into the game, only to re-vault the weapon days later due to balancing issues. Of course, Klombos weren’t vaulted because of balance issues like the Flint-Knock pistol was originally, so it’s unlikely that the creatures would be re-vaulted that swiftly. Still, many players will wonder how a killable Klombo might affect the meta of Fortnite.

However, part of Fortnite‘s lasting appeal is the game’s ability to bring back old content that was popular with players. The Klombos are still remembered fondly by many, which may very well be the reason Epic has decided to bring them back with a twist. Though they were nowhere near as popular with Fortnite players as the web-slingers Spider-Man ushered into the game, perhaps the Klombos will prove to be a popular addition to Fortnite.

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Fortnite is currently free-to-play on all platforms.

Source: HYPEX/Twitter

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