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15 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About America Chavez

America Chavez will make her first appearance in the MCU in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where it seems she’ll play a big role. This powerful character is relatively new in Marvel Comics, only appearing in the last ten years. But America Chavez has made a huge impression in that time, and comic book fans know America Chavez has become a key player in the landscape of the Marvel Universe.

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America Chavez, who is also known as Miss America in the comics, has been a key member of the Young Avengers, a team that seems to be coming together in the MCU with characters like Kate Bishop and Kid Loki already on-screen. America Chavez is also a powerful hero in her own right, with a unique and tragic backstory that is likely to play a major role in the new movie.

Updated on April 26th, 2022 by Darby Harn: America Chavez is already making headlines despite Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and her role in it, still being somewhat shrouded in mystery. So now is the perfect time to learn all the secrets that comic book fans know about this fascinating character.

America Chavez Has No Major Connection To Doctor Strange


Despite the fact that America Chavez will be making her MCU debut in a Doctor Strange movie, comic book fans know she has no real connection to the Sorcerer Supreme. Her adventures have kept her largely apart from the powerful sorcerer in Marvel Comics, except for tangential connections in universe-wide crossover events like 2015’s Secret Wars.

America Chavez isn’t an unlikely player in the upcoming movie, though. Her backstory and unique powerset make her one of the most ideal characters to play a role in the dimension-spanning story, which currently remains a mystery.

Star Power

America-Chavez-Cover (1) (1)

Comic book fans know America Chavez is one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes. She can fly and has super endurance and strength. Her greatest power is the ability to kick open portals to other universes.

This power, which manifests in the star-shaped portals associated with her in the comics, is likely what brings her into the story of the new movie. A star-shaped portal is briefly visible in the trailers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, indicating America could be key in helping Strange move from one reality to another.

America Chavez Is The First Latin-American LGBTQ+ Star Of An Ongoing Series

Marvel Comics America Chavez Cover

America Chavez is a unique character in many ways. She is the first Latin-American LGBTQ+ character to star in an ongoing comic book series. She’s actually the first Latin American character period to headline a Marvel Comics solo title.

Her first solo title in 2017 was trailblazing not just in terms of representation in Marvel Comics but also for America Chavez herself. This series built a great deal of her backstory, adding new dimensions to her character sure to play a role in the MCU.

The Utopian Parallel

People arrive in the Utopian Parallel in Marvel Comics.

For most of her existence, America Chavez believed she lived a perfect life. She grew up in the Utopian Parallel, a pocket reality out of time and space that was as idyllic as could be imagined. The Utopian Parallel was inhabited only by women and America was raised there by her mothers.

As far as America understood, the Utopian Parallel was created and maintained by a being called the Demiurge. She also believed her powers stemmed from this being, though she would later discover that most of what she believed about her childhood wasn’t true.

America Chavez’s Moms Died Saving The Multiverse

America Chavez's mothers return in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know the most tragic aspect of America Chavez’s backstory is that her mothers died to save her life and the existence of the entire multiverse. This element of America’s story is likely to play some role in the character’s arc in the upcoming movie.

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A series of superdense black holes manifested in the Utopian Parallel, threatening to pull it into a collision with the rest of the multiverse. This would have led to the destruction of existence itself. Her parents sacrificed themselves to dispel the black holes and save all of reality.

The Demiurge

The Demiurge appears in Marvel Comics.

The entity responsible for the creation of the Utopian Parallel is the Demiurge, a powerful entity that formed from the living force of the Earth’s biosphere. America Chavez’s Young Avenger teammate Wiccan was also destined to become a version of The Demiurge in the future.

The Demiurge may be in the upcoming movie. In the comics, it originally appears as a face with energy tentacles streaming off of it. This is somewhat similar to the terrifying creature from the trailers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that captures America in its tentacles.

America Chavez Is A Variant Of Captain America

America Chavez Captain America Hawkeye

Numerous variants of major characters will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and America Chavez may have them as well. One of the best variants of her in the comics is also one of the most important versions of Captain America.

In an alternate future seen by Kate Bishop in Hawkeye comics, an older America Chavez has become Captain America and a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. She also has other variants from the comics that could appear in the movie as well.

Americ Chavez Gets Interdimensional Reception

America Chavez dances with Lisa in Marvel Comics.

A fun aspect of America Chavez from the comics that may show up in the MCU is that she has a cell phone that gets interdimensional reception. She is able to send texts and calls from anywhere in the multiverse, thanks to a major upgrade from Loki.

Kid Loki, one of the best Loki variants in the comics, cast a spell to upgrade her service on a dimensional scale. America has used the phone to try and bridge the gap between her work and personal life, though it’s been a challenge.

America Chavez Is The Second Miss America

Golden Age Miss America

America is herself a variant of a kind in the Marvel Universe. She initially began going by the superhero name of Miss America. Comic book fans know she is actually the second Miss America in comics. The first was one of the best Golden Age heroes in comic books.

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Madelyn Joyce debuted in 1943 in Marvel Mystery Comics #49 and was one of the few female superheroes of the era. Originally a Timely Comics character, she would eventually be incorporated into the main Marvel Comics continuity like her Golden Age counterparts Captain America and the Human Torch.

Member Of The Young Avengers


America Chavez first appeared in 2011’s Vengeance #1, but most comic book fans know her from her stint as a member of the Young Avengers. America joined the team in its second volume in 2013 and became a powerful and critical member of the teen group.

America joined a roster that included Kate Bishop, Kid Loki, and Patriot, all characters who have debuted in the MCU in the last year. With her debut in 2022, it seems the Young Avengers is a team the MCU is building towards in some way.

Teen Brigade

America Chavez joins the Teen Brigade in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know America Chavez was on another team before Young Avengers. She was part of a modern version of the Teen Brigade and served alongside Ultimate Nullifier, who is not to be confused with the superweapon of the same name.

The Teen Brigade has been a superhero team going back to the beginning of the Marvel Universe. It was originally formed by Rick Jones, the best friend of the Incredible Hulk and one of the best Hulk comics characters not yet in the MCU.


A Force assembles in Marvel Comics.

America Chavez has been part of other key Marvel superhero teams as well. One of the biggest is A-Force, the all-female team spearheaded by She-Hulk. America lent her powers and abilities from the very first issue of the A-Force comic in 2015.

With She-Hulk and other A-Force members like Captain Marvel in the MCU (its reserve roster is expansive and includes the Scarlet Witch and Monica Rambeau), America Chavez could very easily end up on this team in the near future.

The Ultimates

America Chavez leads the Ultimates in Marvel Comics.

There have been a few versions of the Ultimates team in Marvel Comics. One of the most powerful featured America Chavez as its leader. She was uniquely positioned to be part of the team, which focused on cosmic threats to the Earth, like Galactus, whom they faced off against in their very first mission.

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The team was stacked with talent, including Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Monica Rambeau. An MCU version is very possible, though it’s equally likely this impressive roster ends up being a future version of the Avengers.

America Chavez Is Best Friends With Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop and America Chavez hang out in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know Kate Bishop is the successor to the title of Hawkeye. They also know she’s best friends with America Chavez. The two became very close during their time together on the Young Avengers, where Kate was able to crack through America’s sometimes tough shell.

Though Yelena Belova and Kate have struck up an instant friendship in the MCU, it is very likely that Kate and America will also be friends in live-action when they finally meet. That could happen fairly quickly depending on what happens in the upcoming movie.

America Chavez’s Origin Isn’t What She Thought

America Chavez's moms take to her Utopian Parallel in Marvel Comics.

America Chavez would eventually discover that everything she believed about her early life wasn’t true. Over the course of her most recent solo series, America Chavez: Made in the USA, she learns that her parents weren’t cosmic beings living in a pocket reality, but regular people who were trying to save their child and others from a rare disease.

When their research and work were then used against the children, her parents sacrificed their lives to ensure America’s escape from what was actually a remote island on Earth. America also learned she had a sister, Catalina, who was still alive.

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