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Amy Poehler Says She’s Open To A Parks & Rec Reboot

After playing the lead role of Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation for six years, Amy Poehler reveals that she is always open to reboot the series.

After starring in the series for six years, Amy Poehler revealed she is always open to a Parks and Recreation reboot. Parks and Recreation is an American sitcom that premiered in 2009 and ran for 7 seasons. The show also debuted one reunion episode on April 30, 2020. Parks and Recreation boasted an ensemble cast including Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Adam Scott, Chris Pratt, Audrey Plaza, and Nick Offerman. Parks and Recreation follows Leslie Knope (Poehler), an overachieving bureaucrat in an Indiana Parks and Recreation department who wants to oversee the addition of a park to her town, despite facing opposition on every side.

The sitcom came from the same creators of The Office, Michael Shur and Greg Daniels, and followed the same mockumentary format. While the first season received some comparisons to The Office, Parks and Recreation went on to truly differentiate itself as a unique sitcom and gained acclaim. During its run, the show was nominated for a total of 12 Emmys, and received a Golden Globe win for Poehler’s performance as Knope. Poehler has boasted a stellar career as an actress, comedian, director, and producer, but aside from SNL, Parks and Recreation remains one her most recognizable roles.

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In an interview with People, Poehler reveals that she is open to a Parks and Recreation reboot. In fact, she expressed nothing but enthusiasm for the idea. Poehler states that she is always on stand by and, at any time, will be ready to reprise her iconic role as Knope. Check out her statement below:

[I’m] always standing by. Anytime anybody gives me the word, and I’m down.

Leslie Knope smiling in Parks and Rec

Poehler’s immense enthusiasm for a Parks and Recreation reboot is heartwarming, especially considering that she has more than kept busy in the years since the series. Recently, Poehler c0-created the TV series Russian Doll, which just premiered its second season on April 20. The dramedy series has gained critical acclaim, sweeping up four Emmy nominations after its first season. Additionally, Poehler has also been working on the TV series Duncanville and co-hosted the 78th Golden Globe Awards. Thus, her willingness to participate in a Parks and Recreation reboot isn’t for any lack of work, but more for what seems to be a very strong connection between herself and the series.

Poehler’s passion for Parks and Recreation and for her character isn’t difficult to understand. Knope was certainly a force to be reckoned with, but she was also an inspiration. Her energy, drive, and pure optimism in the face of challenges was contagious to those around her. Additionally, her sense of justice and her loyalty to her friends never once dwindled throughout Parks and Recreation. Knope even made up her own holidays to have reasons to celebrate with those who meant the most to her. Meanwhile, Parks and Recreation is a light-hearted comedy that managed to also create an engaging conversation on the role of government. Therefore, there might actually be good reason to bring the series back. Unfortunately, there has been no indication that there will be any such reboot. However, as Poehler’s role as Knope was the driving force behind Parks and Recreation, her willingness to return means that hope for a reboot isn’t completely lost.

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Source: People

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