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Jennifer Aydin Reveals Unknown Details From Nashville Trip

Jennifer Aydin took to social media to reveal unseen moments from the RHONJ cast trip to Nashville, including a spice contest between the husbands.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin took to social media to reveal never-before-seen footage and details from the cast trip to Nashville. RHONJ season 12 has been packed with drama from the very first episode, particularly over the ongoing conflict involving Teresa Giudice’s fiancé, Luis Ruelas. Luis was first introduced as Teresa’s boyfriend in season 11 and caused some tension with the housewives over his less-than-stellar business dealings and questionable past relationships. Margaret Josephs was among the most vocal doubters of the relationship and continually questioned Luis and his motives. Fans were quick to accuse Luis of “love bombing,” as he showered Teresa with so much praise and gifts that he came across at times as insincere. Still, Teresa and Luis’ relationship is still going strong, despite criticism.

Margaret spent much of the season pestering Teresa with questions about Luis’ past girlfriends and accusations of inappropriate behavior in past relationships. The tension between the two women continued to rise and ultimately came to a head during the cast trip to Nashville. The fight began when Teresa accused Margaret of digging into Luis past to get dirt on him for the press and intensified until Teresa threw glasses and dishes at Margaret. Both women hurled insults and curses at each other, and eventually, Teresa was led out of the restaurant. The explosive fight rattled the rest of the cast and caused a further rift between Teresa and many of the women, including a feud between Teresa and Dolores Catania.

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Recently Jennifer took to social media to reveal more behind-the-scenes footage from the trip and show that some lightheartedness took place in addition to the fighting. The reality star posted multiple pictures and videos of the housewives’ husbands and partners Bill Aydin, Joe Gorga, Luis Ruelas, and Frank Catania, competing in a spicy chicken eating contest. “Ok- so Frank looked like smoke was blowing out of his ears as his eyes filled with tears- Louie was sucking on ice thinking “This shi*s not for me”, Joe drinking some milk, thinking “I hope Bill gives up soon” and Bill is like, “Let me dip my fries in it”. He LOVES spicy food,” she wrote. She also made sure to show support for her husband, writing, “#BillWon.”

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Although the trip deteriorated into chaos, the first part provided some bonding for the cast. Fans are happy to see the RHONJ star and her husband Bill in a better place after experiencing a challenging time during the season after Bill’s past affair was revealed. Jennifer had concealed the affair from both her castmates and her children but was forced to reconcile with the truth after Margaret revealed it at a pool party. 

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Source: Jennifer Aydin/Instagram

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