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Blizzard will reveal the first Warcraft mobile game on May 3rd

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that it will formally unveil its Warcraft mobile game on May 3. News of the project was provided through the official World of Warcraft Twitter account and currently nothing specific has been offered about the game, but it seems that it will be released exclusively on mobile devices.

Those interested can tune into the presentation at 1pm ET/10am PT via a livestream on Blizzard’s website. According to Jason Schreier, reporter for Bloomberg, the game has been in development for several years.

“The Warcraft universe continues to capture imaginations across the globe with enlightening experiences and immersive gameplay, that are the foundation for World of Warcraft and Hearthstone,” an official Blizzard blog post reads. “We are happy to present a new mobile game for the heroes of Azeroth looking to play on the go, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands.”

There’s not much more to go on than that, but the blog post announcing the date of the reveal does feature a never-before-seen image: a logo of a gear and lightning bolt.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has announced that Diablo Immortal will be released for Android and iOS on June 2 pre-registrations ahead of the launch are already open. The company also confirmed the PC Open Beta on the same day it releases on mobile platforms.

The game will be free-to-play and online-only, and according to the Diablo team, it will have new characters, storylines and additional content for a “constantly evolving experience”.

Diablo Immortal players will be able to travel through eight different expansion zones that will have their unique styles. The developers also confirmed that they will be adding more zones and content for players to further explore the world of Diablo Immortal.

Over 30 million players have already pre-registered across all platforms to gain access as soon as the game launches. All players will receive the stunning Horadrim Cosmetic Set to celebrate this significant milestone when the game launches. As per the firm, this is just the beginning, as new content will be released regularly to players for free in the years to come, including new zones, dungeons, and character classes.

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