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How It Sets Up Nobody 2

Warning! Spoilers for Nobody below.

Nobody is an action-packed movie that keeps on going until the very end. Its wall-t0-wall action propels the movie toward an explosive ending which leaves the door open for an entire franchise. Here’s a breakdown of everything that happens in Nobody‘s ending.

The movie follows retired assassin turned family man Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) after he fails to defend his family from two intruders who break into his home in the middle of the night. The incident reignites the urge to fight in Hutch, which leads to him angering a dangerous Russian mobster named Yulian Kuznetsov. Hutch has returned to his old ways to keep his family safe.

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In Nobody‘s ending, Hutch’s brother Harry (RZA) and father David (Christopher Lloyd), also retired assassins, come to Hutch’s aid. Kuznetsov’s men track down Hutch and bring the fight to his place of work. The Mansells take down every member of the mob, and Hutch lets his dad and brother go free so he can take the fall. The movie’s last scene picks up a few months later with Hutch and his wife Becca buying a new home and attempting a fresh start. Hutch receives a mysterious phone call, which implies that he is officially back in the business.

Nobody Ending Explained: Who Called Hutch And What It Means

Bob Odenkirk in Nobody

In Nobody‘s final moment, a relator shows Hutch and Becca around a new home. At first, it seems to be a moment showing that Hutch has given up his old ways and is firmly committed to his family. But suddenly, their realtor receives two calls back-to-back. Becca encourages her to answer the phone, and it turns out the call is for Hutch. The audience isn’t privy to the conversation, but the couple subsequently asks if the house has a basement. Earlier in the movie, Hutch sent his family to their secured basement after he realized they were in danger. His response to the mysterious phone call insinuates that he is a working assassin once again.

But it seems as if things are different this time. Hutch previously got out of the game because he found himself jealous of an old mark who settled down and had a family. Hutch found all of that, but he’s clearly unhappy with the white picket fence lifestyle. Nobody opens with a quick montage of three weeks in Hutch’s life. Every day of each week is the exact same. Hutch and Becca have also lost the spark in their marriage — simply put, he is bored. That boredom is what stopped him from protecting his family on the night of the robbery.

But his reaction to that incident is what showed him that he missed his old life. Hutch set off a dangerous chain of events when he angered Kuznetsov. But with the safety of his family at stake, he had the motivation to see the job through. Initially, this seemed like a one-and-done situation. But after receiving the call on his relator’s phone, Hutch seemed content — happy almost. This suggests that someone heard that he took out Kuznetsov and has more work for him. But since he was asking about a basement, he will clearly continue to prioritize his family’s safety.

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Nobody’s Mid-Credits Scene Explained

RZA Bob Odenkirk and Christopher Lloyd in Nobody

Nobody’s post-credits scene sees Harry and David on a very specific mission. The scene picks up with the father and son duo after they escaped the showdown with the Russian characters in Nobody. They’re driving in an RV and seem to have a very specific destination in mind. The camera pans to the back of the RV and sees that it is stocked to the brim with various weapons. Harry was previously thought to be dead and as David lived in a retirement home, he was thought to be long-retired. But it’s clear that these two are back in action.

Their mission is likely related to the contents of Hutch’s phone call in the final scene. Nobody demonstrates that Hutch is a family man. He will give anything to protect his family, and he thrives working side-by-side with them. So that means that Harry and David are likely heading back to wherever Hutch has settled in order to help him carry out this next job. This is what makes Nobody different than a run-of-the-mill shoot ’em up movie. The movie was written by Derek Kolstad, who also wrote the John Wick movies. Like Hutch, John Wick is a renowned assassin. John Wick is alone in the world and has nothing left to lose. Hutch still has his family left, meaning that he has some boundaries that cannot be crossed That makes for a fun and layered action franchise – it’s just now up to the fans and studio to move Nobody 2 along its production journey.

How Nobody Sets Up a Sequel

Nobody 2

Nobody may be filled with action, but it acts as a prequel. The movie solely exists with the hopes of spurring its own franchise. While many original movies hope they are successful enough to warrant a sequel, Nobody lays down the groundwork to establish a story that can last for multiple movies, similar to the John Wick franchise. Nobody easily sets up a strong internal conflict within Odenkirk’s Hutch. He clearly loves his family, but he isn’t satisfied by the suburban dad lifestyle. He’s also good at what he does, but his next job could very easily put his family’s lives in jeopardy. The ending shows that he has found a solid temporary solution by ensuring wherever he lives has a secure basement — but that won’t last forever. Future Nobody movies will likely tackle this head-on, prompting Hutch to choose between his work and his family once and for all.

The movie also sparks a dangerous external conflict for Hutch in Nobody 2. The movie shows that Kuznetsov was both a powerful and well-connected man in the world of underground crime. While the Mansells took out all the Russians in Nobody‘s finale, Kuznetsov likely has some equally powerful friends. They’ll likely be furious to find out that Kuznetsov had been killed, meaning they’ll likely come after Hutch for revenge. This opens the door for an endless string of villains to come after Hutch, which means the series has the opportunity to span for multiple movies.

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Will There Be A Nobody 2? Everything We Know About The Nobody Sequel

Bob Odenkirk in Nobody

Universal hasn’t yet greenlit a follow-up to Nobody, but Odenkirk is trying to make the sequel happen, and a script from Nobody screenwriter Derek Kolstad is in the talks although there’s no news of its completion. With the first film reaping $56 million from its paltry $16 million budget and the narrative momentum setting up a sequel, Odenkirk, RZA, and Christopher Lloyd could well be blowing up screens again in the Nobody universe. Odenkirk told Empire in June 2021 that “it’s not a sure thing yet, but we’re working on it. I think the signs point to yes,” so the Nobody camp is optimistic if nothing else. The project might pick up momentum during Better Call Saul’s final season, which always elevates Odenkirk’s place in the cultural discussion while it’s on.

Will The Nobody Sequel Be A John Wick Crossover?

Keanu Reeves as John Wick and Bob Odenkirk as Hutch in Nobody

Ilya Naishuller, Nobody’s director, has teased the possibility that John Wick and Hutch Mansell share a narrative universe with crossover potential (despite hailing from different studios. When Naishuller spoke to IndieWire, he said that “everything’s possible” and that “stranger things have happened.” That’s not a yes – instead, it’s an invitation to watch the next movie and see what happens.

While not everything needs a sequel, Nobody was a rollicking revenge ride that provides similar thrills to John Wick and its successors – which ended up getting better (and making more money) as they went along. These movies would be excellent thematic and tonal bedfellows, and the Keanu Reeves/Bob Odenkirk two-hander would provide an interesting opportunity for chemistry development.

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