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Kite Man’s 10 Best Quotes In The Animated Series

The Harley Quinn animated series has proven to be a recent smash hit with fans, partially due to the characterization of some of Batman’s most infamous foes. However, some lesser-known characters were also given a chance to shine and one unexpected fan favorite to emerge from the show is D-list supervillain Kite Man.

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The dim but well-meaning supervillain ended up winning the heart of not just Poison Ivy but viewers with his hilarious anecdotes, one-liners, and good intentions. It’s little wonder Kite Man is getting his own spinoff show alongside the upcoming third season.

Kite Man Learns Poison Ivy’s Love Potion Is Deadly

“This Is Why I Stick To The Kites. So Simple.”

Kite Man, Poison Ivy and tree-kids in Harley Quinn series

Like his kite motif, Kite Man is pretty simple and not the smartest character in the show (except when it comes to kites.) But Kite Man at least acknowledges this and isn’t afraid to say so.

For reasons unknown, Kite Man takes Poison Ivy’s “love potion” and spikes the punch, thus infecting adolescent guests at Joshua Cobblepot’s bar mitzvah and turning them into trees before impending death. When Ivy angrily tells him what he’s done, Kite Man responds “this is why I stick to kites.” It’s not only a funny moment but also a quote that perfectly reflects Kite Man’s personality.

Kite Man’s Real Enemy

“Nets, The Sworn Enemy Of A Kite. That And A Mild Summer.”

DC Universe Harley Quinn Clayface Harley Doctor Psycho Poison Ivy Kite Man

Kite Man has often been shown to be at a disadvantage in certain weather conditions but apparently, that is not his greatest weakness. According to Kite Man, as he falls into Dr. Trap’s first trap, the sworn enemy of a kite is a net “and a mild summer.”

The quote is simple but hilarious, just like Kite Man. It only keeps getting better as Kite Man stumbles into traps much more dangerous and harmful than a simple net, and certainly more harmful than a mild summer.

Kite Man Cheers Up Bane

“Take That Anger, Put It In Your Feelings Pocket, And I’m Going To Give You The Whole Tray.”

Kite Man flying in Harley Quinn series

Although a himbo who isn’t taken seriously, Kite Man is a naturally likable person to be around. One rather adorable demonstration is when he is a waiter at the Legion of Doom’s party, in order to get extra cash to continue spoiling Poison Ivy.

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Bane, in true fashion, swears vengeance on a dropped chicken satay canape. In response, Kite Man calmly and cheerfully says the above line and gives the rest of the tray to Bane. It’s not only an adorable moment that shows how affable Kite Man is but it’s when Harley first catches Ivy showing genuine affection for her boyfriend she had kept a secret for so long.

Kite-y Senses

“My Kite Senses Are Fluttering.”

Harley Quinn Kite Man and engagement ring for Poison Ivy

He may not be the smartest character in Harley Quinn but throughout the series, Kite Man is revealed to have more skills than just flying a kite. One such example is understanding Morse code, which came in handy for reviving Sy Borgman.

Before Harley can unwittingly crush Sy’s blinking eye, Kite Man stops her saying “my kite sense are fluttering” and reveals he knows Morse code. It’s not only a great moment to show a knowledgable side of Kite Man but it’s also an adorably funny homage to Spider Man’s signature catchphrase.

Kite Man Knows Poison Ivy Well

“Baby Heads. With Baby Bodies. Guess Who’s One Step Ahead Of You.”

Harley Quinn DC Universe Kite-Man

At the start of their relationship, Poison Ivy tried to keep as low a profile as possible. Kite Man, on the other hand, was keen to show off his new girlfriend. However, that did not mean he was shallow. In fact, despite his simple-mindedness and initial foolishness in trying to impress her, Kite Man proved to be a thoughtful boyfriend.

A great example is when he gives her roses. Poison Ivy, initially horrified, exclaims that’s like giving her “baby heads”. Kite Man reveals them to be planted in a pot and says the above quote. It’s a darkly funny quote when taken out of context but it does show just how considerate Kite Man was.

It’s Hard Having Kite Powers

“When You Have A Superpower Like Being Able To Control All Plant Life Or Having A Kite, There’s Just So Much You’ve Got To Live Up To.”

Harley Quinn Kite-Man Proposes To Poison Ivy

He may have a simple and laughable supervillain theme but Kite Man is so proud and confident in it that it’s hard not to feel the same way and laugh at him in affection rather than ridicule.

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When talking to Ivy after an argument, he says the above line. What makes this line so funny is that he ultimately compares his amusing non-power to arguably one of the most powerful supervillains in Gotham. However, it’s equally really sweet as Ivy, instead of ridiculing him, responds affectionately: “I love that you think that’s a power.”

Kite Man Vs. Bane

“I, Um… Oh, Dear God.”

Bane looms over Kite Man in the Harley Quinn series

One of the best fights in Harley Quinn is during Joshua Cobblepot’s bar mitzvah, as it’s an ultimate Gotham supervillain showdown. Harley and Ivy take on Two-Face and Scarecrow, and poor Kite Man is left to face off Bane on his own.

Kite Man’s response to learning this is simple but so hilarious. What instantly ensues is an extremely funny yet brutal one-sided fight as Bane effortlessly beats up Kite Man. It’s made even funnier when Bane complains “He was attacking me!” whilst easily banging Kite Man’s head on the floor. It at least bought time for Harley and Ivy.

Kite Man Takes A Stand

“I May Be Simple, But I’m Not A Fool. It Is Hard To Finally Admit It, But Since You Refuse To, I Will. I’m Not The Person For You.”

Poison Ivy and Kite Man on their wedding day in Harley Quinn series

Whilst Harl-Ivy fans rejoiced when they became a romantic couple at the end of season 2, it was equally hard for fans to see Kite Man left heartbroken. However, his final moments in the season are one of the best moments in his character arc.

With a heavy heart, Kite Man finally stands up for himself and breaks up with Ivy. Whilst a bitter and heartbreaking moment on both sides, it’s a great moment for Kite Man’s arc as it shows he is more than a foil and comic relief and that he is growing. Here’s hoping he will continue to grow in his spin-off show and season 3.

Kite Man’s Signature Catchphrase

“Hell Yeah!”

Kite Man in Harley Quinn series

Since his debut in the second episode of the first season, Kite Man has had a simple yet instantly recognizable catchphrase throughout the show: “Hell yeah!”, which is often exclaimed by him during a moment of triumph or introducing himself.  Even Ivy says it at one stage when Kite Man comes to their rescue.

Like Kite Man, it’s a simple catchphrase but also a really effective and memorable one. It’s awesome to see that the catchphrase has been quickly associated with Kite Man by Harley Quinn fans.

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