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Nintendo Switch Sports Players Are Smashing Their TVs

At least one player of the newly-released Nintendo Switch Sports has smashed their television screen as a result of various Joy-Con mishaps.

At least one player of Nintendo Switch Sports has reportedly smashed their television screen as a result of using the Switch Joy-Cons across the sports activities. Switch Sports‘ gameplay has been praised by reviewers, despite launching with a smaller selection of available sports to choose from when compared to its Wii-based predecessors.

The Wii Sports games are long-time favorites for many gamers, offering a chance for friendly competition in several digital sports including tennis and bowling. The series’ new successor, Nintendo Switch Sports, offers much the same experience for a new generation. The active gameplay is perfect for working up a casual sweat, either alone or with friends, swinging Joy-Con controllers around to wield rackets or throw bowling balls. Although some fans of the previous installments are understandably disappointed at the reduced number of sports included, Nintendo Switch Sports’ underlying fun value has still generated a healthy amount of buzz. The recent appearance of Harry Potter actors at Switch Sports‘ launch event only served to compound the positive attention.

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However, for some players, Nintendo Switch Sports isn’t all fun and games. Kotaku reports that at least one player has inadvertently thrown their controller at their TVs during play, leading to some costly damages. Streamer 63man damaging their monitor live on stream, as seen in the video below. The problem ultimately stems from a lack of safety precautions. Joy-Con controllers come with detachable safety straps, which are easily sufficient to prevent a loose grip from resulting in property damage. However, as players may have lost these straps since purchase, or perhaps just consider using them a pointless endeavor, some are playing without this simple safety measure. The consequences of this have become quickly apparent, begging the question of what playtesting Switch Sports might have been like. Perhaps some beta testers had similar experiences, but were unable to warn others due to Nintendo’s censorship policy regarding the game.

It should be noted that this is not the first time a Nintendo Sports game has resulted in a broken television; far from it, in fact. There was a similar run of accidents during the glory days of Wii Sports, when poorly-held Wii Remotes would end up flying from players’ hands and collide with an unfortunate television or monitor screen. As with the Joy-Cons, the Wii Remote had a safety strap to prevent such an occurrence, but this was just as underused as the Joy-Con’s is proving to be. In any case, physically throwing a controller is clearly not what Nintendo intended when including bowling in Nintendo Switch Sports, although it could optimistically be called testimony to the player’s immersion.

This news is ultimately a warning to always follow the in-game safety advice and use a wrist strap when advised in games like Nintendo Switch Sports. Whilst it can be funny to watch from the sidelines, at the end of the day these accidents are sure to be very costly for the gamers involved. A broken screen is no laughing matter for the person left paying the bill, especially when the accident is so easily preventable. Players of Nintendo Switch Sports should keep this in mind and learn from the mistakes of others, both in recent days and in the Wii-dominated years gone by. Although times have changed, just as the Nintendo Switch Sports game lineup has changed, it seems that this is one problem that’s not going away.

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Source: 63man/YouTube (via Kotaku)

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