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Fastest Ways To Get Laurels (Guardian Games 2022)

Laurels are the currency that all players will need to continuously earn as fast as possible during the 2022 Guardian Games event in Destiny 2.

With the 2022 Guardian Games happening in Destiny 2, players will need an abundance of Laurels throughout the event as they complete Contender and Platinum cards for more Medallions. Laurels are the Guardian Games currency in Destiny 2, and they’re only around for along as the event is active. After May 24 during the weekly reset, players will lose the Laurels they have in their inventory, as well as the opportunity to exchange them for Eva Levante’s quests that players can earn Medallions from.

The Gold and Platinum Medallions in Destiny 2 are the two rewards for completing Contender and Platinum cards, respectively. After finishing either card, players can turn in their newly earned Medallions at the Guardian Games monument in exchange for rewards like upgrade materials, Legendary armor, weapons, and additional rolls for the new Void SMG called The Title. Unfortunately, players can only carry 500 Laurels at a time. Since Contender cards cost 100 Laurels and Platinum cards cost 200, it’s easy to complete their objectives before earning enough Laurels to purchase the next card.

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Before players can start earning more Laurels in Destiny 2, they’ll need to make sure they have the Guardian Games class item equipped on their character. It isn’t enough to just keep the item in the inventory, players will need to make sure the gear piece is actively worn throughout the duration of the Guardian Games event in Destiny 2. Without it, Laurels won’t drop from player or fireteam member kills in any activity, so it actively works against the interest of any Guardian who doesn’t have their class item equipped.

How To Earn Laurels Fast In Destiny 2

How To Earn Laurels Fast In Destiny 2

The fastest way to earn Laurels in Destiny 2 is by completing strikes in the Guardian Games: Recreational Playlist. While the strikes in this event activity aren’t any more challenging than those in the standard Vanguard Ops playlist, players can take advantage of the bonuses applied by the Shoot To Score quest, which allows them to regain their ability energy faster by getting weapon kills, and increase their weapon damage by getting ability kills once a high enough threshold has been reached. Both of these benefits make it significantly easier to defeat enemies and collect more Laurels, particularly for new players in Destiny 2 with low-quality weapons or character stats.

To reach a higher threshold in the Shoot To Score quest, Guardians have to complete multiple playthroughs of the Guardian Games: Training Playlist. This activity is essentially the Guardian Games version of a Nightfall, and the scores that players receive at the end of each activity completion will carry over to the next. Build up enough score to receive higher bonuses and the Laurels will be easier to obtain in the Recreational Playlist in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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