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NCIS Season 19 Finale Has Big Gibbs Energy, Says Producer

According to producer Steven D. Binder, Gibbs’ energy “permeates” the upcoming NCIS season 19 finale, which finds Agent Parker in trouble.

This month’s NCIS season 19 finale will have some major Gibbs energy, according to executive producer Steven D. Binder. The long-running CBS procedural is wrapping up its current season over the next few weeks, and one might say that season 19 has been the most pivotal one yet. NCIS surprised fans back in the fall when it said farewell to Mark Harmon’s lead character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Though there have been mentions of Gibbs throughout NCIS season 19, the series has mainly focused on establishing the rapport among the core team’s updated lineup, which includes newcomers Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) and Alden Parker (Gary Cole).

NCIS also stars Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama, Brian Dietzen, Dionna Reasonover, Rocky Carroll, and David McCallum. Going into May’s finale, it sounds like every character will have something to do as one agent in particular becomes the suspect. As revealed by the NCIS season 19 finale synopsis, Parker will be framed for murder. This is timed to the arrival of actress Teri Polo as Parker’s ex-wife, hinting at a very personal installment for the typically episodic show.

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That alone would make for an exciting finale, but as Binder tells TV Insider, the NCIS season 19 conclusion will hold some connections to the show’s departed leader, even if he doesn’t appear onscreen. Binder reveals that, with Parker in the crosshairs, Murray’s Timothy McGee will step up to the plate as the team’s leader. “Parker put his ass on the line to help Gibbs in Alaska. McGee hasn’t forgotten,” he says. “Gibbs’ energy permeates the story.” Gibbs’ absence will also be felt in Torres’ (Valderrama) continuing downward spiral, as Binder notes, “He’s pulling away. The family’s going to pull him closer.”

Even without Gibbs appearing in the squad room, his presence has still been felt throughout NCIS season 19. Not only is Harmon still in the credits, but characters like Torres and McGee have been adjusting to Gibbs’ absence in their own ways. It sounds like both will come to a head in the NCIS finale. For McGee, he’ll get to show his leadership skills and his newfound respect for Parker. For Torres, he’ll still be struggling in a major way, but at least he will have his teammates to help him through this difficult time.

NCIS has already been renewed for season 20, so if the finale has a cliffhanger of any kind, audiences can rest assured that it will be resolved in the fall. With a very personal story at its center, the season 19 finale promises to be an emotional one. Additionally, according to Law, it will also be pretty action-packed. Now the question on many fans’ minds might be whether there could be a surprise cameo from Gibbs or another character from NCIS past. While Binder’s tease of Gibbs’ energy permeating the finale could be a clue that the former head agent will be back, it might be better to go into the episode ready to be surprised by anything. Whether he’s there or not, Gibbs will have a hand in the NCIS finale, which airs on May 23.

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NCIS season 19 airs new episodes Mondays on CBS.

Source: TV Insider

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