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Paige DeSorbo Reacts To Craig Conover Hookup Rumors

Summer House star Paige DeSorbo reacts to the rumors that her new boyfriend Craig Conover hooked up with his Southern Charm castmate Naomie Olindo.

Summer House star Paige Desorbo responds to the rumors that her current boyfriend, Craig Conover, hooked up with his old flame and Southern Charm castmate, Naomie Olindo. Summer House season 6 has been a wild ride for the cast and viewers, as explosive love triangles and new relationships were formed. Among the new relationships to come out of the season are Paige and her new man, Craig Conover. The two love birds are now officially dating, having gone public on social media with their relationship, but the path to romance was far from smooth. While Paige and Craig were dealing with their own drama, Paige’s best friend Ciara Miller was swept up in a heated love triangle with Lindsay Hubbard and Craig’s best friend Austen Kroll. The messy antics involving the three led to everyone in the house taking sides, which pitted Paige against Lindsay.

While their friends were causing drama, Craig and Paige had their own relationship worries. At the start of the season, Paige’s head was turned by newcomer Andrea Denver, who expressed interest in the reality star and never missed an opportunity to flirt with her. Paige was equally flirtatious, and the two enjoyed many romantic moments and plenty of kissing. At the same time, Paige was getting to know a newly single Craig better and indicated her interest in him as well. Paige seemed to be leaning more towards Craig until news got back to her that Craig was seeing Kristin Cavallari. Paige was less than pleased to find out that she wasn’t Craig’s only woman, and the realization upset her and fueled her further involvement with Andrea. Fans were quick to accuse Paige of leading Andrea on and being dishonest with him.

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Despite all the turbulence at the start of their relationship, Craig and Paige were able to make their romance work, but she still faced rumors of Craig’s past hookups while they were together but not exclusively. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, a viewer asked Paige about the rumor that Craig had been with his ex-girlfriend Naomie while he and Paige were also seeing each other. In response, Paige seemingly let Craig off the hook saying, “OK, I’m gonna be totally honest. I feel like if you’re gonna hook up with your ex-girlfriend, you should do it in Vegas.”

She also noted that they weren’t exclusive at the time and that Craig wasn’t the only one seeing other people and taking advantage of their non-exclusivity. “When I heard those rumors, I wasn’t that mad, just because I was in New York doing whatever I wanted,” she said. “And he didn’t hear about my rumors.” While it’s unclear who she might be hinting at, viewers certainly got to see Paige pursue Andrea in addition to Craig, and many fans were rooting for her and the Italian model to make it work. Ultimately, though, Paige and Craig only had eyes for each other and made their relationship official and exclusive.

Paige and Craig aren’t the only couple to come out of Summer House this season. Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke started dating and have since become officially boyfriend and girlfriend after taking their longtime friendship to the next level. After giving romance a try in season 4, the two were able to make it work this time around thanks to mutual maturity and readiness to settle down. With so many sparks flying and romantic relationships started, the Summer House may as well be called the love shack.

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Source: Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

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