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Young Sheldon Season 5 Trailer Reveals More Problems For The Coopers

CBS releases a new trailer for Young Sheldon’s season 5 penultimate episode, revealing that more dark days are coming for Sheldon and his family.

The trailer for Young Sheldon season 5’s penultimate episode has been released, revealing more problems for the Coopers. CBS premier sitcom is in the middle of its final break of the year, and when it returns, it will release its last two outings starting with episode 21. But while the Coopers have now all learned about Georgie’s situation with Mandy, the situation will be taking a toll on everyone in Sheldon’s family as they now have to deal with the inadvertent consequences of it.

In Young Sheldon‘s 100th episode, it was revealed that Georgie had accidentally gotten Mandy pregnant. Since then, it has become the focal point of The Big Bang Theory prequel’s storytelling. Initially, only George, Mary, and Meemaw knew about it. But, eventually, Sheldon and Missy were informed of what was really going on. Now that everyone in the household knows about it, there’s interest as to how things pan out for the clan. Unfortunately, it appears that every Cooper is having a difficult time coping with this development.

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As revealed in a new trailer for the Young Sheldon season 5 penultimate episode titled “White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People” shared by TV Promos, Sheldon and his family are struggling to deal with the situation, especially since the news of Mandy’s pregnant becomes the talk of the town. In the clip, it’s revealed that Missy punches a boy as he stands up for his eldest brother; Sheldon is having a tough time at school, while Mary and George’s marriage deteriorates. Meanwhile, Georgie tries hard to make sure that Mandy feels supported. Watch the clip below:

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The official synopsis for the upcoming Young Sheldon episode fits with what’s in the trailer. According to the brief, Georgie’s news will continue to spread around town, garnering interest from the community. To deal with this, Missy confidently stands up for his brother by punching a guy, who presumably is ragging on their family. Elsewhere, Sheldon opens up about his struggles in school while this drama goes down at home. In a previously released promo still for the same episode, it was revealed the outing will see George and Pastor Rob finally meet, which should be very interesting given their respective relationships with Mary.

With only two episodes to go, it’s clear that Young Sheldon will have a more serious tone as it wraps up its current year. Aside from Georgie’s current predicament, the snippet of Mary and George’s arguing is concerning considering what’s known about their marriage in The Big Bang Theory. Georgie’s cheating scandal is something that sitcom has been dancing around for years. But aside from his affair, Young Sheldon is also seemingly setting up Mary’s inappropriate relationship with Pastor Rob. The end of season 5 will be instrumental in what comes next for the Coopers as it sets up the stage for the show’s season 6.

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Young Sheldon season 5 airs every Thursday on CBS.

Source: TV Promos

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