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9 Things That Keep Fans Up At Night, According To Reddit

With every rewatch of The Office, fans come to new realizations and questions. There are things that viewers didn’t think about during their first few rewatches but suddenly thought of them throughout the years.  

Some realizations and findings were so surprising that they kept fans up at night. From Jim’s wet clothes during the weigh-in on ‘Weight Loss’ to Dunder Mifflin’s lawyers not using the documentary footage as proof of Jan’s romance with Michael, Reddit shared plot holes and small moments that haunt them in the middle of the night.

Updated on May 9th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Over the years, there have been countless theories, plotlines, and question marks attached to The Office. If viewers weren’t laughing at Jim and Dwight’s pranks on one another, they were giggling over Michael’s awkward one-liners. And then there are the moments that left fans scratching their heads. Some scenes and plotlines didn’t make sense over the years. Or if they did make sense, fans on Reddit noticed other questions that kept them up at night. 

Jim Weighed Himself In Sopping Wet Clothes…

The Scranton branch weighs themselves on The Office

In ‘Weight Loss,’ Dunder Mifflin tried promoting a healthy lifestyle by creating a competition among branches to see which branch lost the most weight. Michael and Holly wanted Scranton to win and begged everyone to do their best to lose weight for the competition. Everyone took it seriously, except for Jim.

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At the end of the day, the Scranton branch had one more weigh-in but they couldn’t find Jim. By the time he showed up, he was in sopping wet clothes that most likely added more weight thus increasing the poundage on the scale. This obvious thought went unnoticed by the branch but not by Randys_Gut on Reddit. They shared a meme about losing sleep over this scenario. The meme said that Jim stepped on the scale in “waterlogged clothing, thus skewing the results of the final weigh-in and screwing the entire office.”

Why Didn’t The Couple At Benihana Switch Seats?

Dwight sitting next to strangers at Benihana on The Office

In ‘A Benihana Christmas,’ a heartbroken Michael went to dinner with Andy, Jim, and Dwight. Instead of sitting next to Jim, there was another couple dining that took Dwight’s spot. Dwight tried getting around the couple but they wouldn’t budge. Because the group wouldn’t accommodate him, it wasn’t the best episode for Michael and Dwight’s friendship.

Throughout the dinner, Dwight tried his best to hear what the group was saying but Reddit user Vortiguyy couldn’t get over how awkward the scene was. Writing “This kept me up at night,” they shared a meme that said, “Why wouldn’t the couple at Benihana just move one seat over so Dwight could sit with his friends?” While it added to the scene’s hilarity, it was frustrating for some.

Pam Should Have Left When She Found Out She Was In The Wrong Class

Pam is in the wrong class in art school on The Office

Fans found it frustrating when Pam realized she was in the wrong art class and her teacher wouldn’t let her leave. Pam not speaking her truth and leaving the class anyway was something that kept Dradonia up at night.

The Redditor wrote, “It’s just like when Pam is in the wrong class and that professor is like ‘Please sit down.’ Who the f**k acts like that? Pam should’ve just left and said, ‘I’m not in this class.'” The continued saying, “She missed her first day of class to not offend a professor she’ll never see again.” While Pam’s slow transformation included speaking her mind, she forgot to do that in this scene.

Jim Could Have Explained Dwight & Michael’s Behavior To Karen

Michael and Dwight in disguise in The Office

In ‘Branch Wars,’ Jim found himself in a strange predicament when Dwight and Michael tricked him into going on a road trip to the Utica branch to steal something from Karen after she tried poaching Stanley from them. To make matters more awkward, they dressed in silly disguises.

At this moment, Karen was an underrated character by how strong she was when she found out what was going on. Instead of Jim having a civil conversation with her about Michael and Dwight tricking him, he panicked and said nonsense. Reddit user DJEsalts13 said “When Jim ends up in Utica, confronted by Karen… Why can’t he just explain the damn situation? He knows Karen knows how Michael and Dwight are.” Sadly, he clammed up and made the situation more awkward.

The Deposition Could Have Used Documentary Footage

Not too many fans felt that these two belonged together but Jan and Michel did make some of The Office’s funniest episodes together. In a not-so-funny episode, however, Jan needed Michael to go to court with her and vouge for her professionalism as well as their relationship.

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The lawyers needed to know for sure when Jan and Michael first started dating. However, there’s a small question that keeps Reddit fans awake at night. As Kennedysleftnut said, “During the disposition, why didn’t they just use the footage from the documentary to prove when Michael and Jan first started dating?” This would have helped both cases.

Why Did Creed Need Three Chairs?

Creed needs three chairs on The Office

The Office’s Creed rarely makes sense. His entire personality and identity appeared to be fraudulent and no one knew what was real and what was fake.

In one episode, Pam was rooting for Michael to get the office new chairs, as the ones they had were old. Creed was shown doing a quick interview, where he told the cameras that all he needed was one more chair. However, the reason for having three chairs was never revealed. Not having Creed’s reason for needing three chairs kept Luvxy03 up a night.

Was Pam Really Good At Volleyball Or Not?

Pam hated gym class on The Office

In ‘Job Fair,’ Michael, Pam, and Oscar went to a local high school to look for interns for Dunder Mifflin’s new summer program. The high school they were at ended up being the same high school that Pam went to. Being back in that gym made Pam feel a lot of feelings, like the time she tried to get out of playing volleyball.

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Oddly enough, in ‘Company Picnic,’ Pam was amazing at volleyball and admitted that she played in high school and college. It makes no sense to The Office fans that Pam would ditch volleyball in high school when she was actually on the team and later played at a high level. Forssam shared a meme sharing their confusion about Pam’s past with volleyball.

No One Ever Called Erin ‘Kelly’

Kelly Kapoor Erin Charles the office

When Erin first started working as a secretary for the Scranton branch, Charles Miner was the interim regional manager until they hired someone new. At the time, Erin’s name was Kelly, which confused Kelly Kapoor. To ignore the confusion, Erin asked Charles if he could call her by her middle name, Erin.

But even when Charles left, Erin continued going by that name and never introduced herself as Kelly to knew people. Even her boyfriends called her Erin. The oddity of it all bothered Politikalmusic, who said, “Why does everyone forget that Erin’s name is Kelly? She’s called Kelly!”

There’s Never An Explanation For The Diaper Mix-Up

When Angela had her baby, Dwight had a sneaking suspicion that he was the boy’s father. To find out the truth, he took one of the diapers out of the trash (after Angela changed him on picture day) and brought it to the lab to know the truth. Shockingly, the results stated that Dwight wasn’t the father.

Oddly enough, Angela told Dwight in season 9 that he was, in fact, the father. If that’s the case then why did the results come back negative? Some fans suspect that Dwight accidentally grabbed Jim and Pam’s baby diaper instead of Philip’s, but it’s something Kemosabi420 thinks about. He wrote, “It’s not Dwight’s kid. He waits for the results from the doctor with Angela.” However, other viewers chimed in their theories as to how Dwight’s paternity was possible.

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