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Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 – How To Find Every VHS Tape

Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 features seven VHS Tape Collectables that grant players insight into the grim background lore of Playtime Co.

VHS Tapes are one of three types of Collectables in Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2, shedding light on the dark and grim history of Playtime Co., its founders, and other intriguing tidbits of lore. While these Collectables are not essential for progression or currently tied to any in-game achievements, Poppy Playtime fans keen on unraveling a more detailed narrative of the latest chapter in this indie horror series on Steam will undoubtedly find these interactable objects worthwhile to discover.

Unlike Golden Statues, Notes, or the audio logs from the Cutouts in Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2, VHS Tapes cannot be simply collected and used on the spot. Instead, players will need to take them to a nearby VCR player, insert the tape, and watch its contents on the provided monitor. In other words, fans should be mindful not only to pick up the VHS Tapes but also to watch the videos before completing the chapter. To use a VHS Tape, interact with the VCR player nearby the monitor. After inserting the tape into the device, the monitor should turn on automatically, allowing players to watch the visual log of lore play out.

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There are a total of seven VHS Tapes hidden placed the linear world of Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2. Most can be found sitting in plain sight atop the floor or easy to access surface. On the other hand, there are an elusive few that players might miss. A recommended strategy would be to keep a close eye out for VCR players and their connected monitors. These statically placed objects indicate a visible or hidden VHS Tape is close by.

All VHS Tape Locations In Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

All VHS Tape Locations In Poppy Playtime

Below are all the locations of the seven VHS Tapes in Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2.

  • Tape 1# | Eliot Ludwig’s Biography: The first VHS Tape can be found on the desk in Eliot Ludwig’s office near the start of the game.
  • Tape 2# | Green Hand Tutorial: The second tape sits atop the right side of the central control panel within the small factory the player uses to make their Green Hand.
  • Tape 3# | Rich Avery: Players can find the third tape on the far right side of the cluttered storage room. It sits on the midway step of a fallen ladder nearby a pile of debris.
  • Tape 4# | Marcus Brickley: This tape lies on the floor directly in front of the VCR player at the start of the Barry Cart puzzle.
  • Tape 5# | Jimmy Roth: Head to the large water turbine within Water Treatment and investigate the opposing platform across the gap over the pool. Use the Blue Hand to grab the fifth VHS Tape sitting beside the Game Station entryway.
  • Tape 6# | Big Spider Warning: After getting through the Bunzo Bunny production room, grab the sixth tape hidden in the locked switch box that closes after a few seconds once it’s open.
  • Tape 7# | Experiment 1006: The seventh and last VHS Tape Collectable in Chapter 2 is “unmissable,” sitting midway on the winding stairwell after Mommy’s demise.

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Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 is available on PC.

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