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How To Unlock The Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer

Season 3 of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard brings some new weapons amongst other things. Learn how to unlock the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer.

Editor’s Note: A lawsuit has been filed against Activision Blizzard by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, which alleges the company has engaged in abuse, discrimination, and retaliation against its female employees. Activision Blizzard has denied the allegations. The full details of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit (content warning: rape, suicide, abuse, harassment) are being updated as new information becomes available.

Season 3 of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard brings many new features, including new weapons like the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer. The addition of Godzilla and King Kong gets the headlines, but these new weapons will be more valuable to players. This weapon is already a popular choice for players’ loadouts.

The Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer is a melee weapon that serves as a one-hit kill with a successful strike. While it provides no unique attributes or abilities from other melee weapons, the weapon’s aesthetics and the swing are attractive to players.

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The Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer was added at the beginning of Season 3 to be used by players in Warzone and Vanguard. There are two different methods to unlocking the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer between Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard.

Unlocking The Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer In Warzone & Vanguard

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The first method to unlocking the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer is a free one. Players must complete a challenge in either Call of Duty Warzone or Vanguard. The challenge is to get a multi-kill with a melee weapon in 15 different matches. It is important to remember that players must complete the entire match for any progress to count in challenges. That means that a player cannot get a multi-kill with their melee weapon and immediately quit the match and start a new one.

Due to the nature of this challenge, it would be beneficial for players to choose a fast-paced game type that involves plenty of close-range combat. A multi-kill in Warzone and Vanguard requires two kills within about three seconds of each other. To get that with a melee weapon will require multiple enemies to be within close range of the player. An excellent playlist to attempt this challenge on would be Shipment 24/7. The player should choose a loadout that provides plenty of mobility and stealth to quickly get multiple melee kills in succession.

The second method to unlocking the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer is through a bundle in the CoD store. The Big Brawl Bundle will cost players 1,000 CoD points and comes with an emblem, a Combat Shield Blueprint, a charm, a battle pass tier skip, a calling card, and the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer. Due to the degree of difficulty in completing the challenge to unlock this weapon, the 1,000 CoD point price is not too bad of a price (roughly $10 USD). These are the two different options for players to unlock the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard.

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Warzone is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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