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Sony sold over 19 million units of PlayStation 5 since launch, still fell short of its target

Sony PlayStation 5 is easily one of the most in-demand pieces of tech in the world right now, even after 1.5 years of launch. Sony revealed that it has sold around 19.3 million units of the console so far. While this number may look substantial, it failed to reach the set targets for FY22. Also Read – PlayStation 5 getting variable refresh rate support this week: Here are the details

Sony has released its annual sales report, giving us a good glimpse at the number of units that were sold last fiscal year. The company sold around 11.5 million PlayStation 5 units in the Fiscal year that ended in March. This was the first complete year for the new generation of Sony’s console. The console was launched in late 2020. Also Read – Sony PS5 restock: PlayStation5, PlayStation5 Digital Edition pre-orders to begin at 12PM today

Sony had a forecast of selling 14.8 million in the last fiscal year ending in March. Sony fell short by almost 3.3 million units. That’s over 22 percent lesser than what sony expected to achieve. The lack of demand is not something Sony had to worry about this past year. However, the company did face an acute crisis due to the lack of components. Also Read – Sony PS5 restock date announced with new special offer: Check details

While this year was tough on the Japanese conglomerate, it still has grand plans for the ongoing fiscal year.  Sony has a target of achieving sales of 18 million units for this year. That’s almost the amount of sales it has made in almost 50 percent more time.

In India, Sony delayed the launch till early 2021. Since then, the company has been conducting flash sales almost every month with one or two exceptions here and there. Despite such a long time since launch, the pre-order phase goes out quickly. Sometimes in a couple of minutes if not seconds.

With Sony’s bold targets for the upcoming year, we can expect the company to bring in more units to all markets, including India. The growing number of PS5 exclusives is also going to make it the right period for existing PS4 and PS4 Pro owners to make a switch to the newer generation of the console.

Sony is expecting that the component shortage crisis will eventually fade away. However, the ever-escalating Russo-Ukrainian war still hovers as a cloud of uncertainty on the global supply chain. Inflation across borders also doesn’t make for a very conducive buyer’s market.


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