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Why Bridgerton Season 2’s New Featherington Heir Is Great For The Show

Bridgerton season 1 ends with several twists, including the tease of an heir to the Featherington estate, and Bridgerton season 2 reveals it.

Bridgerton season 1 ends with several twists, including the tease of a mysterious heir to the Featherington estate, but season 2 finally revealed who the Featherington heir is — and it’s perfect for the show. The riches of the Featheringtons, who are slightly less well-to-do than the titular family, fall and rise across Bridgerton season 1, which sees their daughters struggling to find suitors, a pregnancy scandal, and the head of the household, Archibald, losing all of their money before reclaiming it thanks to fixing a boxing match. Unfortunately, while this restores their wealth, it costs Baron Featherington his life, as the crooks he swindles get their revenge on him.

This led to the biggest dangling mystery from Bridgerton season 1’s ending. When Lady Portia Featherington asks if they had found a name, Mrs. Varley, her servant, responded: “Oh, we located him, ma’am. The man who will inherit the Featherington Estate. Only – well – look.” The name Jack Featherington was written on a bit of paper. Still, while it was meaningful to both Lady Featherington and Mrs. Varley, people weren’t clued in to the heir’s identity until Bridgerton season 2. Unlike some of Bridgerton‘s other lingering questions — such as what happened to Daphne’s father (who was killed by a reaction to a bee sting) — there were, unfortunately, no answers to be found in the book series by Julia Quinn, since this was a storyline invented for the Netflix show. This made looking at who the Featherington heir rather speculative until season 2.

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The Featherington heir is a mysterious and scheming man named Jack Featherington (Rupert Young), introduced in Bridgerton season 2 as an entirely new character. Some speculation regarding the character took place before the latest installment. Many thought that he could’ve been a lesser Featherington or some other distant relative. Still, if the potential heir had already been mentioned in the show, then it could’ve been Marina Thompson’s father. Bridgerton had already established that Baron Featherington owed him money, and giving him the estate could have been a necessary means of paying off his debts or giving Marina’s father an “insurance policy” of sorts. The partial setup would’ve brought her back into the storyline and given her a deserved victory. However, it was not to be – enter Rupert Young’s Jack Featherington. Here’s what else Rupert Young has been in and why he’s perfect for the show.

What Else Jack Featherington Actor Rupert Young Has Been In

Jack Featherington smiling on Bridgerton

Rupert Young’s Jack Featherington worked perfectly for the show. While many may not have been excited about a new character entering the mix at first, Jack proved himself to be as much of a pot-stirrer as Lady Whistledown. The scheming socialite caused quite a ruckus during Bridgerton season 2. Many wonder what else the actor Rupert Young has been in, and whether or not he brought the same energy to those projects as he did Bridgerton.

Rupert Young got his start in 2004, starring in numerous British television series. In his first project, Island at War, he played a soldier. After that, he hit the silver screen in even more TV productions, such as Dirty Filthy LoveDoc Martin, and Hotel Babylon. It wasn’t until 2010, when he got his first bit-part on the popular television series Shameless, that people started to notice his acting chops. He played the uncredited Roman on Doctor Who and then starred in Merlin as Sir Leon in an impressive 39-episode arc. Before his Bridgerton fame, Lord Featherington had a couple more TV miniseries roles before landing the part of Marcus in 2020’s The Secret Garden.

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