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Chrishell Stause Explains Her Sexuality In IG Video

At Selling Sunset’s season 5 reunion, Chrishell Stause revealed she is dating nonbinary musician G Flip. Now, she opens up about her sexuality on IG.

Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause is opening up about her sexuality. Chrishell revealed her relationship with G Flip, a nonbinary musician, during season 5’s reunion. This is her first relationship since her split from boss Jason Oppenheim in November. That since-ended romance was a major focus of season 5.

When she spoke about the new romance on the reunion, Chrishell vaguely alluded to figuring out her sexuality. She told host Tan France that while some people say they knew from childhood, that wasn’t her experience. After publicly revealing her new love interest, the former soap star joked about coming out of the closet on social media. Later, she referenced co-star Maya Vander’s confused expression over the relationship during the reunion, as Chrishell said she’s not “confused” about G Flip. Now, she’s further expanding on her sexuality, attempting to make it more clear for her fans.

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On Tuesday, May 10, Chrishell posted a video to her Instagram to discuss her sexuality with fans. She captioned the nearly five-minute clip,“For those that are open to learning (you’re awesome)…maybe I can be the bridge to those of you open to understanding.” She revealed that, since the reunion was edited to be an hour, some comments and extra context were cut. The agent then gushed about her deep connection with G. “I know some of you won’t agree or understand this,” she said, “but for me, it is about the person. It’s about their heart.” The actress continued, “I am attracted to masculine energy, and I don’t really care what the physical form is.” G is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. Chrishell, who some fans call a bully, said that “everyone is different, but for them…they are a mix. And they identify on both sides of male/female.” Calling that “beautiful,” she said, “it’s probably why we did connect on such a deep level so quickly.” Her partner left a supportive comment, reading, “well said beautiful,” punctuated by a heart and rainbow emoji. 

Chrishell alluded to her and Jason splitting over disagreements about having children in the video. And she seemed to respond to criticism she moved on too fast. Repeatedly, Chrishell said she and Jason want each other to be happy, and emphasized their romance was still meaningful. Showing there were no hard feelings between the exes, Jason, who will always love Chrishell, left a praising comment. The brokerage owner wrote that it was “such a beautiful video.”

Chrishell admitted that G Flip, who is 27, is in a different place of life than a 40-year-old. However, she said their relationship opened her eyes to new possibilities for the future. Despite embracing her more open sexuality, she remarked, “I’m the same person you’ve been following all this time.” She ended the video by emphasizing how happy she is, adding, “I hope, if this is all confusing to you, stick around and keep an open mind.” 

During the reunion, Chrishell spoke about her wish the have children. The later half of season 5 revealed she and Jason made embryos. However, Chrishell, who responded to a lesbian daughter joke, said that she was open to all kinds of ways of having children. She told Tan France that adoption was something she’s considered. She also alluded to how much her life changed over the show, which started when she was married to Justin Hartley. For the most part, fans seem incredibly happy for Chrishell as she enters this new chapter. They’ll have to wait and see if G Flip appears on Selling Sunset season 6.

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Source: Chrishell Stause/Instagram

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