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Will Evil Dead: The Game Be On Steam

Evil Dead: The Game is set to release on May 13 across various different consoles including PC. But will Evil Dead: The Game be available on Steam?

Saber Interactive’s survival game Evil Dead: The Game, based on the horror series of the same name, is set to release on May 13 across multiple platforms including consoles and PC. The game will revolve around both co-op gameplay and PvP interactions, allowing players to take on the role of either survivors – including the Evil Dead franchise’s hero Ash Williams – or Deadites. Evil Dead: The Game will also have crossplay support, allowing players on consoles and PC to join matches together. As a result, many Evil Dead fans may be debating where exactly to order a copy of the game.

First announced at The Game Awards 2020, Evil Dead: The Game was later delayed until 2022 as developers decided to add a single-player game mode. Although the release date was at first pushed back to February of that year, it later received one additional delay into May in order to fine-tune the game’s systems. Evil Dead: The Game‘s visuals have also been a major selling point in its trailers, and the game will feature a physics-based gore system to help add realism to the survival horror experience. That, along with the chance to play alongside familiar faces from the Evil Dead franchise, has generated a fair bit of excitement around Evil Dead: The Game‘s trailers.

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Evil Dead: The Game‘s pre-orders came with four distinct editions of the game, though the Collector Edition and Ultimate Collector’s Edition – both of which came with a handful of physical bonuses like art books and t-shirts – are now sold out. The Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition of the game are nearly identical, though Evil Dead: The Game‘s Deluxe Edition comes with the game’s first Season Pass. Season Pass 1 includes four DLC packs at a discounted rate, though Standard Edition players will presumably be able to purchase these expansions individually as well. However, many PC players are wondering where exactly these purchases can be made. Will Steam users be able to get in on Evil Dead: The Game‘s release in May 2022?

Is Evil Dead: The Game Epic Games Store Exclusive

Will Evil Dead The Game Be On Steam Epic Games Store Exclusive

At least for the time being, Evil Dead: The Game will not be released on Steam. PC gamers looking to play will need to pick it up from the Epic Games Store, which has recently seen an increase in exclusive games such as Far Cry 6. Various other digital storefronts have followed a similar path as of late, making it harder to count on Steam as a catch-all for PC gaming. Add in additional distribution platforms like EA’s Origin or Blizzard’s, and dedicated PC users will likely find that they need multiple applications on hand just to access their entire gaming library. Although it’s possible for some popular games that are Epic Games Store exclusive to eventually move to Steam, it’s unlikely this will be the case for Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game will be a multiplayer co-op experience, meaning that Saber Interactive will probably opt to limit its distribution to just one storefront to avoid handling PC crossplay between Steam and Epic Games users. Additionally, exclusive games can serve as an effective incentive for PC gamers to make more frequent use of the Epic Games Store. Fortunately, any players disappointed by Evil Dead: The Game not coming to Steam still have the option to play on various different consoles they may have access to. Evil Dead: The Game is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on its launch date of May 13. It will also eventually release on the Nintendo Switch.

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